Drama Queen-Don't go by it and judge me. Actually the title drama queen was given by my favorite friend, according to her-every incident in my life has to end with a drama, Hence the name drama queen.
I hold a degree with distinction in shopping. A prestigious brand has honored me with a title-shopaholic. Love staying inside the blanket for long hours . Nothing can beat a date with good book over a week end.
I firmly believe in living for my dreams and that gave me a title wild child.
Nothing can stop me and nothing can ever hold me down-I am a free spirit.

Thanks to my mother for accepting and putting up with all my madness. Thanks to my 3 dogs for their unconditional love towards me, though I forget to feed them on time.
I have itchy feet which make me wander a lot and read all about my travel madness in my travel blog-Diary Of A Wanderer...
Love to pen my thoughts, this made me take up blogging seriously.
This is my personal blog revolves around, fashion, beauty and also my personal ramblings.

Enjoy reading

Love yourself



  1. Hey knitha
    U have a great blog..love ur style of writting..
    Your new follower