Friday, 5 February 2016

All my readers know my love for cars, especially SUVs. I started driving at very young age which is quite unusual in a middle class families of my generation to let a girl drive her own car. My father was disabled and my mother didn’t want to attempt to learn driving, so when my parents decided to own a car, I became a family driver by default. Sitting in driver’s seat gave me many fantastico moments in my life.

Sense of responsibility
As I was only daughter to my parents, I always faced a criticism from society that, girls can’t take responsibility of parents when they are in need. My gender never bothered my parents and they believed in gender equality. But still, society’s criticism always bothered me and made me question in every step that what if I fail my parents, when it comes to take responsibilities. Once, I drove my parents to kerala on a family trip, while coming back it was a late night drive, I saw my parents sleeping peacefully and for that moment, I realized, gender has got nothing to do with responsibilities. When I can make my parents sleep in peace in a late night drive, without letting my gender to bother them, then why should I let society’s stereotyped mindset talks to bother me?. That realization on a driver’s seat on a late night drive was a fantastico moment for me.

Sense of Security
I started driving SUV when society had stereotyped women as bad drivers and limited them, only to small cars. I come from a small city where, I made few people to raise their eyebrows when they see me on big wheels. Once, I happen to meet couple of eve teasers on the bike in a signal, my car window was open. Boy who was riding the bike, passed some comment which I didn’t hear, but I certainly heard whatever the boy on back seat said, he said-‘let’s not mess with this girl, look at this big car she drives’. That was my fantastico moment of sense of security. I didn’t have to utter a word to set those boys straight, my car acted like a security guard for me for that moment.

Sense of freedom
I have written many posts about my solo driving expeditions. All those drives have given me many unforgettable memories and lessons for life. Driving an SUV at very young age also helped me to shape my personality. I think, God knew that I am going to be left out alone in this world and he shaped me by developing an affinity towards SUV to enhance my confidence to lead a life alone in this world. One fine night few years ago, I got a call from my mother around 1 AM as my father was critically ill and doctors were sure, he wouldn’t make it to the sunrise. Soon after the call, I just got up and started driving towards my parent’s city which is good two and half hours’ drive. I was driving alone on highway at the wee hour of the night and I tried my best to keep my ears shut from my my inner thoughts by switching on car's music system but they got chatty and I couldnt stop myself from eves dropping. I was sure, my father was walking towards crossing a rainbow bridge and I wasn’t in an age to let go a father out of my life, I wanted him to be around, he was essential part of my world. As I was self pittying, one of my inner thought said loudly- ‘let him go happily, you are a woman, who woke up in the midnight, didn’t call anyone for help, you just woke up, took your car keys and driving towards your father who is holding on to see you maybe. He has already prepared you to face the world all by yourself, it’s time for him to go”. Even in that sorrow time, it was a fantastico moment for me as I tasted the sense of freedom at wee hour of the night sitting on driving seat. Thanks to my dad, who made me a woman who I am today by letting me choose what I like to do in life than what I should do to please a society I live in.
Every driver has their own fantastico moments from their driver seats. Though I have many memories, I chose to note down these above three because, they have made an impact in my life and helped me to have a freedom of fearless navigation in my life. Do not force your children to lead a life to please the society, teach them to be independent, never know what life has in store for an individual, prepare them to dance to the music of life and navigate fearlessly in this world on his/her own.

Love Yourself
Knitha Urs

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


  1. You just built an urge in me to learn driving!! ^_^ Lovely post Knitha dear!

    1. Hey Bush dear, thanks for the appreciation...Let me know when you want to learn, I dont mind being your driving teacher :)