Tuesday, 9 February 2016

I was having a quite evening, just stalking profiles on social media and trying to analyze people with their latest status updates and pictures, that’s when my mobile started ringing and I had to pick up the call, leaving what I was doing because, opposite person was not in my-‘avoid as per your convince’ list.
She- “hey you busy?’’
Me- ‘’ Yeah, I was" (Busy completing my social media research thesis about people’s split personality)
She- "Okay, quick question, you want to join Zumba?"
She- “Classes will start from next week and its close to our house’
Me - "No, I can’t dance"
She  -‘’ You should try, just enjoy the music and let your foot loose''
Me- (How  I wish, dancing is as easy as she says) '‘No ya, I really can’t dance and I never danced’'
She- “Hmmm…think over, it will be fun"
I realised, she is not going to give up and I wasn’t in mood to give in, so decided to act diplomatic
Me-‘’ I will think over and let you know’'
She is clever enough to understand that this conversation is not going anywhere and it’s better to leave the conversation where it started and she hung up phone with quick good bye. I love such friends who blends with my mood and let me be who I am.
My social media stalking cum research went kaput as my train of thoughts started going in backwards and I wasn’t left with much option other than catching up my train of thoughts.
Why can’t I dance? I never attempted to dance or never even made an attempt to take dance classes. When all my friends are on dance floor, I choose to stand in side. Though I love the music and want to tap my legs, I avoid. I know why I avoid, but I consciously, sub-consciously and even by mistake also I don’t want go near the reason behind why I can’t dance. Today for all once, I want to speak about it and get over with it.
I was 5-6 yrs old and my school’s annual day celebration was close by. Teachers in the school were preparing the students for different cultural activities and I was chosen by a teacher to be a part of a dance group from my class. All kids in the group were good at dancing, except me, but again I was in tender age where dancing is supposed to be just fun, but not a bench mark to grade a student, unfortunately, teacher didn’t realised that and rather letting me to drop out from the group as I can’t dance, she decided to humiliate me in front of all the students with the hope that I will improve my dancing capabilities. I started finding reasons to avoid going for rehearsal dance sessions after class because it was too much humiliation to bear at that tender age. Finally, she did let me drop out of the group with a snide remark in front of other kids that - 'I dance like as if I am sitting on a potty'.(Between forgot to mention, it was supposed to be traditional dance). Kids in the group got too excited with the word potty and next day morning whole class was laughing at me with same remark, mocking my dancing skills. It doesn’t stop here, I come from small town and had couple of neighbor kids who were my classmates, ‘The potty’ remark reached respective parents and so called parents also made fun of me in neighborhood as I was one of the active and smart kid in block (as per my marks cards). After this incident, I never participated or even made an attempt to take part in any dance related activities throughout my academic days and also made sure to stay far away even to dance with friends for fun during occasions. Thanks to that teacher who made sure I never dance in my life even for fun.
This one incident made such an impact in my life, I even shudder at thought of tapping my legs for some great music even till date.
Every kid is different and all kids are not born to prove themselves in this world in one or other way. Most of the kids are just born to be good human beings. Teachers and parents play great role in shaping a kid and their every action will have great impact throughout their lives. One foolish remark or action can entirely kill a kid’s ability to outgrow from their own fears of life. If my teacher would have just let me drop out of the dance group without humiliating me, though I wouldn’t have considered dancing as my profession or hobby at least, I would have been dancing in an occasions with friends and family ,rather standing in a corner with low self-esteem. Next time, if you want to put a kid down in front of many people remember, you may be killing a great talent even before budding, your action may be a reason , that kid is going to deal with low self-esteem throughout life and may never be able to walk confidently in this difficult world. Life is all about moments of impacts and how they change one’s life forever, so teachers and parents out there, please refrain yourself from humiliating children’s in public. 
I really wish to go and meet my teacher from the past and look into her eyes and say-‘I can’t dance, because of you and you have been a great teacher’.
PS- "I am considering about taking Zumba classes, high time I fight my own demons"

Love Yourself
Knitha Urs

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