Wednesday, 10 February 2016

We women often forget to stick on to skin care routine as we get busy playing too many roles in life. Especially working women conveniently tend to forget skin care, as it’s not on priority list of the day. Do you own and drive a car? Then you can actually make your driving halt on long traffic signals or during traffic jam as your skin care regime time. You just need to stash few beauty essentials in your car which would help you to keep your skin care routine on track and eventually helps you to achieve peppy skin you always craved for.

5 fantastico things every girl should keep in her car for peppy skin
Here I am noting down, 5 fantastico things every girl should keep in her car for peppy skin 

#1 Toner
Keep toner and cotton swabs handy in your car, maybe stash them in your dash board. Using toner, helps your skin pores to tighten and makes skin remain hydrated for long time. Using toner everyday helps you to achieve peppy skin you have been aiming for. Standing in a long traffic signal? Why don’t you use that time to stick on to your beauty regime which you just forgot to do at home, because you  have to reach office early. Time management is the key to achive what you want in this busy world.
#2 Sunscreen
Always keep a bottle of sunscreen in your car. Many have assumption that, if you are traveling in car and actually don’t expose your skin directly into sunlight, can skip using sunscreen. It’s a very wrong assumption because though you are behind glass, still sunrays can get through your skin. To avoid skin damages caused by sun rays, you should use sunscreen every day. You skipped sunscreen in the morning as you were in hurry to leave the home? - Don’t worry make use of those traffic jams or long traffic signals to apply sunscreen and achieve peppy skin you have been dreaming for long time.
#3 Moisturizer
Carry a bottle of moisturizer and body lotion in your car always. Face is not the only part of your body which defines your beauty. Dried out skin on hands and feet can let you fall down on beauty scale. Rather cursing a person who cause a traffic jam and spoiling your mood, divert your mind by applying moisturizer to your exposed skin area and it’s a fantastico way to keep your mind away from mood spoilers during traffic jam.
#4 Umbrella
Keep umbrella in your car. You never know when you are going to be in need to protect your peppy skin. You may need umbrella to protect yourself from harmful sunrays or to protect your hair and skin from polluted rain drops when you have to step out of the car. Umbrella is one of the fantastico beauty regimen essential, I suggest you to carry in car always.
#5 Facial wipes
I always keep facial wet wipes in my car which comes handy after an exhausted day or drive. Your facial skin needs cleansing every now and then, especially when skin is exposed to lots of pollution. You can’t find a washroom to go and wash your face every time and sometimes days can be so exhausting, thinking of getting out of the car to find a washroom to just wash your face can be equal to mountaineering. If you have oily skin, dry wipes helps you to absorb excess oil from T-zone. These wipes are very refreshing too, you can instantly freshen up your mood along with your skin. Facial wipes are best hack during such time to keep your skin clean and peppy.

If you own and drive a car, do not forget to stash up your beauty essentials inside your car. We are women of modern world and it’s essential for every women to wise up and squeeze skin care routine along with time management to maintain a peppy skin and present ourselves as fantastico divas who are all-rounders to the world.

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  1. Yes! These are a total must haves :D These and some chocolates will keep all travel woes at bay! ;)

  2. Hahaha, indeed great suggestions! I wish you had a list for men too ☺️