Saturday, 30 January 2016

If you crave for an instant fantastico moments in life, you should consider living with dogs. All my blog followers knows that I am hopelessly in love with these four legged furry babies. I live with three dogs and my world revolves around my dogs. Bringing up dogs is very much equal to bringing up human kids, but only difference is, you don’t need to worry abut getting up early to pack lunch to send them school or worry about their future in this competitive world. I didn’t choose to live with dogs, it just happened. These four legged babies teach you a lot in life with their unconditional love. After I went through my life’s over deal, I used to be very cynical and depressed about almost everything in life, that’s when my first furry daughter ‘Gauri’ entered my life and life changed for good. She taught me, how to forgive people and let go things in life. Then my other two furry boys joined in to complete my family picture. I always lived in a constant fear of being left out alone but after I got these three musketeers in my life, I realized I will never be left out alone in my life, I am sure there will be many dogs around my death bed when time comes for me to say good bye to this world.
Let me not bore you all with my sentimental talks, because this post is all about my fantastico moments of my life. Like I said dogs know the magic of creating fantastico moments in least expected hours and situations. I have had my share of such moments in my life. Depressed and crying? They are there to give shoulder and wipe your tears. Happy and dancing? They are there to wag their tails and follow your dance steps. I have plenty of such incidents to note down. I happen to leave my furry babies and go out of country for over a month, it was’nt easy to leave them and go off to far away country. I arranged a care taker to stay at my home and take care of my dogs and went away to far away country with heavy heart. Though my babies were there at their own home, they weren’t happy about my absence. My third son ‘Gumma’ created an havoc inside my house. He wouldn’t let care taker to sit on my chair or even sleep on my bed. He had such separation anxiety, he chewed up all my furniture to the extent that I had no choice other than throwing away after I got back. Finally I got back, after a month and the way they welcomed me home was a real fantastico moment of my life. That was a moment I realized how much I missed my furry babies and to what extent I am dependent on them for my emotional needs. You should watch this video below to know my fantastico moment.
If you are dealing with depression and feel lonely, consider getting a dog home. Dogs are the best therapists in the world. You will never feel unwanted, unloved if you live with a dog. They will fill your life with all the best fantastico moments in your life.
Love Yourself
Knitha Urs

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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