Friday, 29 January 2016

After my fate decided a single woman’s life for me, drawing a fantastico moment card out of deck of cards became very rare instance in my life. Many people have a perception that if a woman is financially independent and high on carrier graph, they can get away with society prejudice but trust me, it’s not true, this group of women also have their own share to deal in this world. There are many people to help a helpless woman but not many are there to help an independent woman in distress. 
My Fantastico Moment #1- A lady turned out to be a hero for that moment of my life

At least helpless woman have quite a few sympathizers but an independent woman gets to meet people in every step who try to question her morality. For example, woman got a promotion? She must have slept with her boss. She lives alone and pays her own bills? Probably she is doing unethical things and so on. By the way, if you ask me a gender percentage of such people who gets on the way of independent woman, in my experience our own species, i.e. women stands on top of percentage chart.
Let me get into the agenda of this post i.e. my fantastico moment which I experienced just a week ago. When I asked for right questions with an expectation of right answers in our apartment’s annual meeting, I was hounded by a group of men and women. Their attitude was more like, I don’t have rights to ask or live as I am single woman and not a helpless one. Over the years, I have got into way too many such situations and moved on in life without letting such incidents to affect me. This time, I faced this group of men and women but I had a surprise. For the first time in my life, I saw someone standing up for me for the group’s behavior. A happily married lady with a son in her early 50s, raised her voice against these group of people for bullying me. It was a fantastico moment for me, because, for the first time in my life as a single women, I experienced another woman who is nowhere related to me, standing up for all the right reasons. This lady also fought to an extent that she made a man and a woman to apologies in front of group of people for their behavior. It’s not easy to fight and convince a crowd for their wrong doings. This entire incident looked like a film scene where a hero rescues a lady in trouble and fights with crowd and convince the whole lot to accept their mistake. Only difference in my scene is, hero turned out to be a woman. It’s a fantastico moment I experienced in a long time and I am in debt to this lady for rest of my life because it takes a lot of guts and selflessness to stand up for a fellow woman.
People, don’t judge a woman until and unless you know her personally. Don’t question her morality just because she is independent in life and doing better in her life. If you can’t contribute to make someone’s life better, it is totally fine but at least don’t try to make their life difficult. Next time, if you come across a woman getting bullied in public, stand by her and be a person who is responsible for a fantastico moment of her life.

Love Yourself
Knitha Urs
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