Saturday, 21 November 2015

We girls always have that one dress which we bought it just because we liked it in the store and leave it in cupboard for years because,we don't get a proper occasion to wear and flaunt that one dress to the world. I have quite a few collection of such dresses but recently one of my dress got lucky and I finally wore it,after donkey years of buying it.
Once upon a time ( I think around 5 yrs ago),I saw this peach colour long gown in a store and my heart simply fell for it. be it anything,once the heart make its decision,we girls don't use brains and I'm no different. I just bought it without even thinking whether I get an occasion to wear it. I came home, wore it and showed my modelling skills to my mirror, then  the actual question dawned- when will I get to wear this?, for that moment,I consoled myself-'Don't worry,we girls will find an occasion to wear it,if not we will create one'. I couldn't find an occasion or create one for many years. 
Long gowns are tricky to wear. Gown itself is a statement and it just cant be worn without a right occasion. Finally, I had a evening formal event invitation and by default I decided to wear my aged long gown.

Brand- Unknown
fabric- Silk
Neck accessory- Forever new
Foot wear- Paparika
Wrist watch - Anne klein

I follow a rule-'Minimal accessory,when dress itself is a statement'. As you can see, dress has a deep neck cut,so decided to add an accessory to create an illusion distraction. I didn't wanted to go for flashy neck lace as it would take away the element. I had this,peach colour neck lace,which I bought it from forever new store long ago and it perfectly went well with my gown. Ear ring was also from forever new,but it cant be seen in the picture. I just opted for a simple nude colour wrist watch from Anne Klien to give a definition to my long hands. Let me know,how you feel about this outfit in comment section.

Quick Tip- If you are short in height,choose a gown with less volume. 
I will write more about how to wear a gown in another post.

Love Yourself
Knitha Urs