Friday, 12 June 2015


You all know my love for SUV, I was 20 years old when I first fell in love with SUV and started driving my own car. Driving SUV , kind of created my image as a SUV girl. Those days I enjoyed the lime light as very countable girls would be found on roads driving big cars. Now the situation is different,’ girl driving SUV ‘-stereotype has been broken and can find many girls driving SUVs or MPVs fearlessly.
When I fell in love with SUV, I didn’t think logically and also didn’t hear People’s advice like- SUV’s are not for girls, it’s not suitable for city drives considering the traffic, not easy to park in crowded malls and streets, and list goes on. But I didn’t give ears to the people’s (il) logical suggestions and just followed my heart.
Over the years SUV has incorporated in my day to day life. I can’t function without my car as my routine makes me travel inside as well as outside the city very often. 
Recently, I decided to change my car, once again I want another SUV or MPV, I have been driving my Tata Safari for years and it’s high time I change my car. Finding a right SUV or MPV range under a 10 lakh budget is real challenge. Now a days new compact crossbreed SUV series (cross overs) have come in market but those actually don’t give a feel of an SUV/MPV or even look like one, at least for me. I need a car, who looks like a beast, performs like a beast and also falls under my budget.  Recently I followed a news of new  MPV range from Renault and after reading all the specs of this new car, I took a test drive. This car met all my requirements and this is going to be my new wheels very soon.
Take Your World With You - #LiveLodgycal

Now I have to shift the world I created in my present SUV to my new Renault Lodgy . Wondering a world inside the car? Yes you read it right.
My Big family
When I started driving SUV, I didn’t realize that space inside the car matters a lot in my life. As I grew older, my family also expanded. Now I have a family of 5- two humans (Mom and I) and 3 four legged furry babies who are equal to my own human babies if I ever have one. Do I need to say more why I need a car with lots of comfort and space? You got it? Anyway, though you got it, I cant stop myself from talking about my dogs,. I usually travel a lot to meet my mom who lives in another city. Whenever I go, I take my furry babies along with me. My big girl gets excited the moment she gets to know, we are going to visit my mom. All my furry babies, hop on to the car and enjoy the drive by taking over all the three window seats.

Take Your World With You - #LiveLodgycal

I want to take my furry babies and my mom on long drive. While they enjoy a drive with super air-conditioning by dual AC with roof-mounted vents in all the rows of the car, I want to appreciate the engine performance playing with tilt steering wheels.
My Cell Phone-My Life
As a child, I remember hearing a story that prince’s life was hidden and locked  in some chest, now in present world many people’s life is hidden inside a  cell phone and same goes with my life too. My day goes upside down, if my mobile battery drains out and let me not say what would happen to my life if I lose my mobile phone ever. I need my mobile all the time and I just can’t ignore calls or important emails while driving. Now in new Renault Lodgy, all I need to do is plug my mobile charger in 12 volt charging socket and just enjoy the drive without a fear of drained battery.

Take Your World With You - #LiveLodgycal

My mother always warns me, not to pick calls while driving or to use hands free to answer calls( I am allergic to ear phones), now I just need to press audio and phone controls, to answer my phone call and talk without losing a focus on road by putting my car under cruise control which helps to maintain steady speed on road preventing accidental acceleration and violations.

Take Your World With You - #LiveLodgycal

I can also connect my phone to multimedia console via Bluetooth or USB and access to my collection of favorite music, while I sip my cold coffee once in a while which is conveniently placed in cup holders without a fear of spilling coffee and dealing with stains.
My Age Cheat Secret- Gym Bag
I recently met a blogger friend and in between talks I blurted out my real age. She wasn’t ready to believe the number I gave. She said I look much younger than my actual age. Her compliment put me in cloud 9 and I treated myself with a big bowl of ice cream that night. I am able to cheat my age, only because of my dedication to work out in gym regularly. My gym gears are always in my car. I prefer leaving it in my car, to avoid coming up with an excuse to skip working out. So my gym bag also moves inside my new Renault Lodgy permanently.

Take Your World With You - #LiveLodgycal

Wondering where do I keep this in my car? Lodgy can lodge more than one gym gear and plenty other thing in its ample boot space.
My Fashion House On Move
Many have an assumption that I am a tomboy because of the choice I made with my previous car, but that’s not true. Fashion is my middle name. My previous car was like mini fashion house on the wheels. I need my lipstick and kohl all the time and I prefer keeping them handy. I consider it as a heinous crime to get out without a lipstick and Kohl and religiously check myself in mirror before stepping out of my car. I believe in keeping pair or 2 (sometimes more) heels in my car and also few fashion accessories, sometimes you can also find few dresses in my car, that is because, I prefer to be prepared for any kind of fashion crises ,if ever  arises. 

Take Your World With You - #LiveLodgycal

My sunglasses, Lipstick, kohl, compact will take up a place in central upper storage on dashboard. My heels and other stuff can take up place in any of the rows or in boot space.
My Safety- Pepper Spray
You read it right, I said Pepper spray. Being a single woman, I have learnt my own hacks to safe guard myself, if I ever get to face a situation where my safety is at risk. I always keep a pepper spray in my car as I drive alone most of the time. It’s better to be prepared for unfavorable situations than being sorry later. I am planning to keep my pepper spray in door map pocket/water bottle holder next to driving seat, as it would be very handy and easy to reach out is such situation.

Take Your World With You - #LiveLodgycal

As I am speaking about safety, let me also tell you the safety feature of Renault Lodgy. 

Take Your World With You - #LiveLodgycal

This car comes with dual front airbags which reduces the risk of injury if happen to meet with head on collision(god forbid). Travel fearlessly as lodgy takes care of your safety.

My world is all set in my new Renault Lodgy, I am just waiting to take my family on a long drive at night, while they enjoy the comforts of my new lodgy, I want to break through the darkness of highway with bold headlamps(with DRLs).
Finally I started thinking logically and going to #LiveLodgycal 

I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.

All the above images are from Renault


  1. A fun read which talks about you and your love for cars. So this way I got to know you a little better before our meeting in Goa. :)