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Before I start this post, let me remind you all that this post is sequel to my previous post- #NioxinNowIndia
You all know and read my Nioxin product experience at body craft salon, Koramangala, Bangalore. I promised to review this product after using for 20 days. I am bit late but the good thing is, I am writing my review finally.
Before I write my review about product, let me give little introduction about Nioxin products. Nioxin is a leading US brand which made revolution in a saloon world as a solution for thinning hair. It has been voted No-1 in a row for 14 years.  For the first time, this product has been introduced in Indian market. It’s not available on counter, it is available only in few reputed salon across the country. In Bangalore, its available in Body Craft spa and saloon. Nioxin for hair thinning solution has 6 systems. It is advisable to take opinion from an expert about your hair and scalp condition, so the experts can advise which system would suit an individual.
After my scalp and hair analysis, Nioxin expert from Bodycraft salon and spa advised me to use system-5.

Before I write my experience about Nioxin system 5, let me explain a bit about my hair.
I have a thick, wavy, coarse hair which has gone through color treatments recently. I also suffer from hair fall and expert says, I  fall under-‘normal to thin looking’ category ( Visibly thin is another category). The main problem I face is reduced volume of my hair and dryness. I don’t see the fullness I had once when I leave or tie my hair.
My experience with Nioxin System 5
After my salon experience, expert handed over me a system 5 package to try out for 20 days and review it. Nioxin claims, one can see visible improvement in hair within 20 days of usage provided it is used as per expert’s advice. Package comes with hair cleanser (shampoo), conditioner (Scalp revitalizer), and a leave-on serum.
How to use
Its not rocket science, you just need to follow the regular hair washing regime.  Apply the cleanser on a wet hair and work your fingers through your scalp and wash, followed by conditioner, allow it for 2-3 minutes to work on your scalp and then wash your hair. Apply live-on serum to your scalp once you towel dry your hair.
My verdict
I have been advised to use every alternative days. As I am reviewing this product, I will be very honest; I couldn’t stick on to the expert’s advice and had to cheat once in a while. I love the fragrance of cleanser and conditioner. This leaves my hair smell fresh longer time. Conditioner works very well on my hair and I haven’t felt dryness in my hair since I started using this product.
Hair thinning is reduced as Nioxin claims?
Nioxin claims, 70% of the product users have seen reduced hair fall within 20 days of usage.  I personally have seen changes in my hair, firstly my hair is no more dry. Secondly, I have seen increased hair volume but I haven’t been able to keep track on reduced hair fall as my busy schedule didn’t let me concentrate much on it. As I have seen increased hair volume, I am assuming that my hair fall also has been reduced.
Before and after salon treatment at Bodycraft Salon and spa, Koramangala

Do I recommend?

Every individual has a different hair structure; it is advised to take expert opinion before using. You may also fall under 70 % of users who have benefited by this product.
#NioxinNowIndia and check out Nioxin website to know nearest salon to experience this product.
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