Monday, 22 June 2015

There is nothing like staying at comfort of home, I am traveler by choice but still at times I need my  home because that’s where I can be at my comfort. Even if I go to paradise on this earth, I definitely miss my home. I am a lucky woman to stay in a nice lake view apartment in a metro city. My home gives a feeling of staying at a country side resort. Though I love my home, it also has its own cons that I deal with it every day.  One of the major battles I fight every day is odors.  Living in a smelly home is a real punishment. I don’t deal with one type of odor, I actually have list of them. Let me tell you my smelly stories and I picked up only 3 top smelly stories associated with my home and life. Here we go with my #SmellyToSmiley story Ambipur Air Effects.
Before I say my smiley story, please listen to my smelly stories first.
Disclaimer: It’s a very smelly story, read at your own risk.
I have an open drainage behind my flat which faces my balcony. As the wind blows, even the drainage smell also dances its way through the wind and reaches my home. My olfactory senses also accustomed with this smell and my nose doesn’t react like the way it used to once upon a time to this smell. Real battle arises when I have a visitor at home. I don’t remember a single visitor who hasn’t twitched his/her nose due to drainage scent. So I force myself to close my balcony whenever I have a guest coming to my home.
My balcony view-Fashionoire
The view I can't enjoy or show off
I am deprived from showing off a view from balcony to my friends and act like a privileged, who got a chance to live in home with such nice view; because drainage smell always wins the battle.
Many of my readers know that I am a dog lover. I live with my three dogs and they are like human babies to me, if I ever have one.  Rising up a puppy is as difficult and challenging as rising up a human baby. I go through this ‘rising up a puppy phase’ almost every year. Just like human babies, puppies also pee and poop at irregular intervals and also where ever they feel like at home. 
Dog Talks-Fashionoire

Till the puppy gets potty trained, I have no option other than running around the house like a mad woman with a poop scooper and a mop. I have no problem doing this, but the problem arises when puppy's urine starts stinking. Like a good mother, I don’t mind my baby’s poop,pee smelly filled home, but how can I expect my guests to ignore this nose twitching smell?
I am a pretty good cook and I am also good chef to my dogs. Weekends I love cooking canine cuisines, so my furry babies enjoy the relaxed weekend along with me. One of their favorite food is chicken liver cooked with rice and lentils. All my babies eat this dish like they haven’t eaten for ages. It’s a pleasure seeing them savoring their bowl full of food. I read a saying that, every pleasure in life comes with bit of pain. After feasting on a 'chicken liver plus rice and lentils', my dogs starts nuclear bombing session, I mean farting. 
Dog Talks-Fashionoire
I tell you all, combination of 'chicken liver plus rice and lentils' feast is suicidal. Forget about the guests coming home, I literally die every time my dogs farts. This fart odor remains inside the house for very long time, its not easy to get rid. I cant stop cooking this one, as I hate taking away their pleasure of enjoying the meal.
Here is my story of failed attempts to fight with smelly household odors.
I read somewhere that incense sticks, aroma oils can do wonders at home and nice scent filled house is a first step towards spirituality. Excuse me, spirituality didn’t grab my attention, but nice scent filled house definitely did. So I shopped plenty of aroma oil diffusers, scented candles and incense sticks to fight and make peace with my smelly house.
Room freashners-Fashionoire

Did it work? Hell, NO. It was just a momentary relief but after a while I am back with same old war between my nose and dancing odors inside my home.

Now let’s come to the conclusion of my smelly stories. Did I lose the battle with household odors? 
I happen to come across Ambipur air effects products. After trying out all possible ways to fight with odors, I didn’t have any hope on this one also, but still I gave it a try, as they say you never know what you discover till you try. 
My #SmellyToSmiley story with Ambipur air effects

After few days of trying I realized that, I actually won the battle with odors. Now I am armed with Ambi Pur Air Effects range of products to fight with smelly house hold odors. This is my#SmellyToSmiley story with Ambipur air effects.  

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  1. It was so nice to read n know more abt u... 3 dogs WOW !

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Ananya..Yeah its a bliss to live with my dogs.. :) mention not my struggle with odors though :))