Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ambipur Air Effects Product Review
Why I bought Ambipur  Air Effects?
I live in a lake view apartment.Yeah it’s a lake view from balcony and lots of trees behind my apartment, just gives me a feeling that I am living in a country side resort.A perfect home in a metro city to escape from all the traffic noise and pollution. But only drawback is, a open drainage adjacent to the lake, which is right behind my apartment.Yucky drainage smell always blows towards my living room, as the balcony exist is through the hall.I love to keep the balcony door open for the good ventilation and green view, unfortunately, this yucky smell forces me to close my balcony door. More embarrassing situation is when I have visitors.Don't remember a single visitor who hasn’t mentioned about this yucky smell.I’m forced to point out towards the drainage to my visitors to justify that I keep my house clean, but the drainage is the culprit. I also live with my 3 furry babies, the mess they create is equal to any human baby, more than the mess, pooch related odors are my main battle I fight every day. 
As the story of my house goes like this, I was left with only option to add all kind of air fresheners in my house hold monthly budget. I have tried plenty of air fresheners, scented candles, aroma oil diffusers and what not but nothing worked for me in a long haul. I came across Ambipur Air Effects product range when sent me a sample to review. Read further to know my views.
Why am I reviewing this product??-Because I am Impressed,J

Ambipur Air Effects Product Review

 Product- Ambipur Air effect
Fragrance-Blossom and breeze[Ambipur air effects]

My experience
I use Ambipur air effect, whenever I am expecting a visitor or when ever my nose starts twitching because of house hold odors. Quick spray is good enough to eliminate odors for long time. It’s long lasting and very effective to vanish off the odor in few seconds.
I even spray in my open balcony whenever I decide to have MY TIME with coffee, sitting in balcony. The gutter stink won’t bother me while I enjoy my coffee with a good view. Fragrance really elevates my mood and stimulates my creative thinking process.
My Ratings
Packing-3.5/5[Just a good packing, nothing fancy}
Product looks-5/5
Price-4.5/5[I’m being .5% stingy ]It fits very much into budget. 
Air effects cost-250RS [275g].Fits very much in budget. It lasts depending on the usage. For me it lasts about 2months.
Availability-Easily available in super markets and can buy online
I would say it’s a luxury product and a budget friendly.

My conclusion

As it’s written on product-eliminates odors and freshens the air. It really does.

Ambipur Air Effects Product Review

I am simply happy with product and it is my life saver in front of my visitors as I don’t need to get embarrassed anymore because of house hold odors. It just brightens my mood as the drainage stink doesn’t bother me anymore. My home just feels like a heaven now. I have a perfect home with a lake view and the Ambipur product to give a heavenly fragrance to go with the view.
Ambipur home range products just came in a right time to give a finishing touch to my perfect home…….

You ask me-I recommend??-OFCOURSE I DO    

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur


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