Saturday, 30 May 2015

All my reader know my hair chopping story from my birthday pampering post, but I didn't tell you all what was  the  reason behind whole hair chopping episode. Here I confess why I chopped my long hair to bob. In recent years, I started loosing hair, I tried all possible solution to stop hair fall but nothing worked. My proud pony tail stared looking like a pig tail. After sulking, sitting with my palm under chin, I came for a solution to chop my hair so I don't get to see my sorry piggy tail.To feel better about my bob, I consoled myself as a birthday pampering.
One day, I got a call from to invite me for a hair thinning solution product experience. I said yes without giving second thought.
Venue-Bodycraft spa and salon Koramanagala. 
Product- Nioxin.

I reached at venue around 12.45 and I was very eager to know about product. 12 bloggers were invited by Nioxin in association with for this event. I am an introvert girl and I was just hoping to see some familiar faces so, I don't feel out of place, to my luck, I saw Soumya and I was like- 'at least I know someone'. Later I met Vidya, whom I know from previous blogger meet. I also made friends with shylaja and Manasa.
#NioxinNowIndia-A solution for hair thinning problem

Event started with introduction of product by Nioxin expert Diasy. Nioxin is a American product,  available in many countries but this is the first time being introduced in Indian market. Nioxin is a solution for all hair thinning problems.
#NioxinNowIndia-A solution for hair thinning problem
Product presentation by Nioxin expert-Daisy
 After presentation, we also had expert consultation. Each expert spent good 15-20 minutes with each blogger in analyzing our scalps and suggesting proper product range for treatment.
Nioxin has 6 treatment range, experts advises you to use the right one, after analyzing your scalp. Expert advised me to go for system 5 for my hair and scalp type.
After expert opinion, I was taken for treatment.All started with scalp facial. A particular type of serum was applied by an expert and was left for 15 minutes to settle down in scalp. Later my hair was washed using system 5 Cleanser followed with conditioner and then serum which help in bonding hair which breaks down during combing or while playing with your hair.
My hair was blow dried and styled which brought a happy smile on my face at the end.
Nioxin is not available over the counter. You can get the products and treatment done only in Bodycraft  salon in Bangalore.
#NioxinNowIndia-A solution for hair thinning problem
My before and After treatment pic

Event was successful, Only hiccup I had was, event was bit dis-organised in the start which became a reason for lunch at 3.15, that made me little cranky and my introvert soul just refused to socialize  as it was completely concentrated on counting my hunger pangs. 
Overall, It was well spent Saturday afternoon with lots of hair pampering and I also met team :)
Keep an eye on my blog, I would be writing my experience with Nioxin product after using it for 20 days. I already used it for one week and product looks promising so far. 
Thank you team and Nioxin India for giving me a privilege to be a part of the event.

"You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with” 

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