Monday, 4 May 2015

She didn't ask for diamonds or any kind of riches, all she wants is handful of love from him. He is her world, he is her dream.
He- "You are my angel"
He-"I love you"
She-"Love always played a cruel joke on me, I am scared."
He-"Trust me, you will never regret"
She-" Its not about trust, its all about circumstances'
He-"What ever the circumstance is, i will not let you go out of my life, you are part of my life"
she-"But for me, you are my world, you are my life".
He-" I know you love me, more than I do, but trust me I will not let you regret ever".
She-"I love you always"
He-"I love you too."
Incomplete Story #IncompleteStory

He loved her too,he made her feel that she is a important part of his life. Days rolled on to years, she was still a part of his life, but not sure if she is important part of his life or not. Not sure, he still wants her the same way he wanted once. she was in-secured and restless. She couldn't find answers.
One day, She said, she is leaving him. He didnt respond for two days. That helped her to make up her mind. She waited for him to say-'Dont go". She waited for him to fight for her, but he didnt. One way it helped her to make up her mind but her heart bleeds. she is hurting inside,Pain is intense.
After 2 days, he got back to her, saying he wouldn't let her go but how can he hold someone who is already gone?
 will this story ever completes? or its a start of a new story in her life? She should choose diamonds over love?

Written for Indispire edition-Everyone has a story that they leave Incomplete. What is yours? When will you complete it? #IncompleteStory


  1. Those two days when she was waiting for a response, turned the events. Love and life are strange. There is no beginning or end, just few chapters sewn together in a beautiful book. She should choose what makes her happy. Btw, I feel the best love stories are often incomplete.

    1. I agree, most of the love stories are incomplete,especially incomplete love stories are nice read but not a nice feeling to go through in real...

  2. Knitha, the last line is powerful. There are so many love stories that remain incomplete and we all have a tale to tell. Sometimes, it's better to let go.
    A beautifully woven story, pouring of emotions that came alive.