Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I purposely avoided looking at my watch because I know what's the time would be.I hate this very moment and damn watch.I just wished for a jennie to appear infront of me and grant me a wish so I can wish this moment to pause  forever. Yeah I know I am silly....I don't mind being silly once it comes to you  and  our  love. If being silly grants me all the time in the world to be  with  you then, I  really don't mind being  silly. 
Greedy for your love -Love Diary

We have seen many summers together and I have no doubt  that  we will see many more too but I hate separation. I know its just matter of time before we would be in each others arms again but I can't stop myself from feeling that way.I hate to see you  going, though I  know, you are going just to come back  to me again. I don't  doubt your love for me ever but I hate separation though its just matter of a while. 
Though I hate our separation, i know its inevitable and I  also know  that you are going just to come back to me again. 
Its too painful to  see  your eyes while you leaving.Though you try your best  to act cool, your eyes shows off your emotions. It makes me sad because I know even you don't like this separation and its inevitable. That last kiss before you left, I just wished that it lasted forever.

Do you know that I am a greedy woman? Yes I am way too greedy once it comes to you. I am greedy to have just little extra time with  you,  ready to trade anything and  everything just  for that little extra time. I am simply  greedy for your love.  


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