Monday, 27 April 2015

Sometimes pampering oneself is very important to feel alive all over again. I learnt this in a very hard way and glad I did. Even getting my nail polished is enough to polish my confidence, treating myself with a ice cream is also good enough to lift my mood.

 My birthday was round the corner and as usual I knew the out come of my birthday as I haven't formally celebrated it for many years now. Thought of being all alone on my birthday made me go through a depression and over the years I have learnt to deal with my own depression too. Last year my birthday was a disaster as I was busy cleaning up the mess of my life on that day and also it was my first birthday after my dad's demise ( I share my birthday with him). This time, I was secretly wishing for a miracle and not the repeat episode of previous year. After wishing this for a while, after sulking about fate of my life sleeping in fetal position, I realised, wishes comes true or miracles happens only when one work towards it. So I decided to pamper myself to make my own birthday special.
Birth Day Pampering- Shopaholic Rants- shopping, salon, vacation

A good shopping,salon treat and a nice holiday- Sounds like a pampering??-This is what I did for my birthday.
I was bored of my look and wanted to change it. More over getting old is not a nice feeling, I realised it after my 25th birthday (asking a lady's age is a bad manners). Lets keep my age crisis rants aside and speak about my B'day pampering.
So I decided to change my look and get a new hair do. I maintained pretty good hair length for many years and wanted to see myself in a short hair.( blame all the celebrities who have gone bob this season). Took an appointment at BOUNCE, Koramangala. Got my hair chopped and every time i saw my lengthy hair on the floor, consoled myself by saying-Its just hair, it will grow back, don't cry, just enjoy the look. I was pretty happy with my new hair do as I got plenty of compliments, My neighbor kid complimented me by saying I look like a barbie doll ( she doesn't know that, its a best compliment I ever heard during my age crisis shit).
Birth Day Pampering- Shopaholic Rants- shopping, salon, vacation

After my new hair do, I had a new energy like as if I drank 2-3 energy drink in one go and made my way to do my birthday shopping. This time, I shopped in a People store and I am pretty happy with my shopping, I was basically concentrating on holiday shopping and picked up cloths according to my vacation theme.
Birth Day Pampering- Shopaholic Rants- shopping, salon, vacation

I was satisfied with my entire shopping. I picked up a duffle bag which had a contemporary look. This is suppose to be a gym bag but for some reason I didn't feel like using it as gym bag. Colour combination and the prints has a substance and I thought I can play around with this bag. I was right. Check it out in my next post about my vacation and costume post to know more about how I used this new duffle bag.
Watch out my next post to know about my vacation pampering and my costume post. 


  1. Sorry to know about your Dad but you are pretty Strong...good thought to pamper yourself. In fact, you look petty good, i second your neighbor!