Saturday, 14 March 2015

I woke up with a bad dream followed by a scream. She was next to me, slowly she placed her head on my chest and assured me silently-“don’t worry I am around, you are not alone, remember we are together”.

After I received unwanted, unexpected courier from him, as I went through each and every pages I broke down emotionally that day, my world was upside down. She saw me crying and she became restless as she couldn't see me crying. She tried consoling me in her own way, finally she sat next to me. Her silence also speaks a lot, she was telling me-“ You are crying for something you already knew, leave that baggage behind, I am always there to love you unconditionally and remember we are together for ever”.
Then he also entered my life, from we two, we became we three. If you ever want to understand what true possessiveness is, you should meet him. He reeks of possessiveness. He doesn’t let her to share blanket with me in bed, because only he wants to be inside my blanket. He gets irritated if she tries to wake me up in the morning because he thinks waking me is his sole responsibility.
Over the years we have become an inseparable family. We love each other and in return we only expect love. May be this is what is true meaning of being in love. I have reasons to get back home because I know two of my loved ones are waiting for me to get back home.

Sometimes, I lose my temper, though its not their mistake I get angry on them which ends up with my screaming session. Those two, simply listen to my screaming session like as if they are acting like a punching bag to me. They leave me alone to work myself to calm down, later slowly they come towards me and give me a accusing look which says-“ You felt happy screaming at us? Remember we put up with your meaningless screaming because we promised you to be with you even in your hard times. What ever, we are together in all good and bad times”.
I am used to their wet nose around my face, I am used to their smell on all my cloths I wear, I am used to their smelly farts, I am used to going out with their fur stuck on my cloths. Yes you are right, I said fur…I am speaking about my dogs. My dogs are my family and we have promised to stay together for ever.
We Are Together In This Journey #together

I lived in a house for very long time, my dogs Gauri and Gopi made this house, a home. If you ever want to experience an unconditional love adopt a pet. You will not regret this decision ever.


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