Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Cooking food can be a difficult chore especially if you are living alone. I enjoy living alone but I hate cooking sometimes. I am a good cook but not easy to eat my own cooked food every day.  At times I depend on home deliveries or going out to eat but again it’s not something you can enjoy every day. I just get bored after eating two days in a row outside.
According to the research, one should not skip breakfast and having king size healthy breakfast is a key to maintain good health. If you ask me about my breakfast diet, I should be extremely lucky to eat breakfast in the morning. Especially when you are living alone, its not easy to cook just for yourself, eat and go to your work. I can say, I am bit lazy to plan my breakfast every morning; I am also fed up of eating same old Iyengar hotel dosa too. I tried rotating the hotels for breakfasts but again I am used to all those hotels now and my taste buds simply refuses to eat any of those as breakfast. Sometimes I force myself to eat as I need energy but most of the time I simply avoid it with a reason-‘I am not in a mood for breakfast’.
Recently, I got a new neighbor, they are known as Guptaji family around our apartment complex. Whenever I pass in front of their house in the morning before going to my work, I see one or other guest at their place having breakfast. Initially, I wondered that, these people run a charity at home or what? as I see guests almost every day at their place. One day morning, I happen to bump into Mrs.GuptaJi at the entrance of my apartment complex, when I was just getting back home from gym. Mrs.Gupta asked me about my where about and moment she realized I live alone; she was hell bent that I come and have breakfast at her home that morning. I was little reluctant for few minutes but how can I ignore invitation for free breakfast that too homemade breakfast? I agreed to her invitation without giving much trouble to her to pursue me to accept it.
I went for breakfast to Gupta ji’s family that morning before taking off to work. I tell you all, that’s one of the best decision I ever made in my life because I actually had king size breakfast that morning after a very long time.
When I entered Gupta Ji’s home, Mrs Gupta looked very easy, her easiness even made me wonder that did I make a mistake considering her invitation. There was simply nothing on the dining table and that made actually wonder about my decision to go to her house for breakfast. Mrs.Gupta asked me to sit on dining chair and made her way to kitchen, within 5 minutes she came out with a bowl of corn flakes. I was like just for cornflakes why did I come here? All it took was few seconds to realize, I am not eating just cornflakes with milk. It was Mrs.Guptaji’s easy and healthy recipe using kellogg’s cornflakes. She made sithaphal kellogg’s corn flakes. I had a healthy and yummy breakfast that morning followed with Kellogg’s cornflakes coconut laddos.

After this incident, I make sure to go to gym every morning in the hope of bumping into Mrs.Gupta with a hope of invitation to her house for breakfast….


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