Sunday, 1 March 2015

Family plays a major role in shaping up one’s future in terms of everything. Somebody in the family always have a major influence on a person to be who is he or she. In same way, my mother plays a major role in helping to be whomever I am as a person. Whenever somebody asks me – What’s your mother? I proudly answer-‘My mother is a Farmer’. Yes I am a daughter of a women who made herself an independent woman by taking up farming as a profession. She is in her 60s but still she hasn’t retired from her profession, because her physical age hasn’t let to take over her passion for her work.
My mother always believe in my dreams and capabilities. She consoled me when I fell down in life, she encouraged me by saying one failure in life is not going to decide your entire my life. I shared all my silly dreams with her, but for her my dreams never looked silly, she would point out a potential of my dream every time I share something new. She let me lead my life the way I want, I said I don’t like to be any other girl by doing right things what society expects a girl to at the age of 21 or 25. She agreed and let me lead my life. I made many mistakes, I learnt from my mistake, I corrected my mistakes and I became an independent woman. Throughout all this, only person who believed in my strength is my mother. My mother is proud of her daughter and I take it as a biggest achievement of my life.
Two years ago, I was chatting with my mother about mundane things. My mother never involved in my financial matters like many parents would do with their kids, especially with daughters. She always gave me freedom and respected the fact that, I earned and it’s my wish to spend the way I want. All she did is guided me to spend money in a right way but not actually controlling money I ever earned. From nowhere, my mother asked me-“are you investing money somewhere?” To be honest I never thought on investment lines ever in my life, I am a happy girl if all my requirements are met but investment? That word never popped up in my mind.
Then she continued with her talk-“I respect your decision in terms of marriage and children. Being a mother it’s my duty to think about securing your future. If I take a person’s maximum life span as 60, you already lived most of your life in that, have you thought how is your life going to be taken care once you retire from your carrier side? I want you to be secured for your old age, you are not in government service which would give you a pension once retired so I want you to make an investment keeping your future in mind”.
After hearing this, I was afraid of a future which I haven’t seen yet, whatever she said made sense to me but how do I save up for the future I haven’t seen? I lived all these days in a pride that I am a self-reliant person but this new seed what my mother sow in my mind started bothering and I was almost felt like I am actually not as independent person as I always thought.
After this, My mother gave me a bond, I was like what is it all about…She continued with her talk-“ I have been thinking about securing your future and I have been investing on an insurance which wold give you good returns when you turn certain age. I have been paying this insurance for last 4 years, now it’s high time you take the responsibility.”

I wasn’t sure how to thank my mother for this thoughtful gift. That I understood, being financially independent and being self-reliant is two different thing. Your financial independence is true only if you a future thoughts about your own life. I pay very little amount from what I earn as a premium every month but that little amount has secured my future. Today in true means I am a self-reliant person and all credit goes to my mother.
Think about investing to secure your future-


  1. A mother is a blessing. She understands us, like no one else does.

    Here's my entry for the HH :)