Thursday, 5 March 2015

Losing optimism in life is a worst thing can ever happen to anyone there was a time, I turned out to be a pessimist. I was depressed like there is no hope for tomorrow when I lost all my loved ones around me. Home became a house and loneliness was my only companion who wasn’t doing any good for my situation. I had a house filled with luxury, but again those luxuries also didn’t sooth my mind. Happiness is beyond luxury, happiness is beyond any materialistic experiences. At one point of my life I felt like leaving everything behind and go on a never ending travels. Yet again I realized I have to get back home one day but all I have is a house not home. That was a worst phase of my life, it wasn’t easy to get up every morning with a feeling that I don’t have anyone in this world as my family apart from my mother. I lived in a constant fear that I will end up all alone in this world with no family of mine.
One day an angel entered my life, her name is Gauri-the four legged furry baby. She changed my entire life, she gave me a hope that love still exist in this world, and I am not alone in this world. When I get back home in the evening, I have someone waiting for me. Someone who genuinely missed me though it’s a few hours of separation. Her presence in my life changed my thought process, I didn’t realise when I became a positive person in short span. She transformed my house into a home. I was no longer a depressed person anymore within few days of her entry in my life. Her presence helped to become person I am. Writing is my passion, but I actually took my passion seriously and started a blog, only after her entry into my life. She became my silent strength.
A House is not a Home without A Dog
My Furry Family
It’s been 3 years since she entered my life, now my home has two more furry babies-Gopi and Gumma Aka beastie. Beastie is a love child of Gauri and Gopi. I have a family too but in my family all walks in four legs that’s all the difference.
I got back from a very long holiday from Australia few days ago. During my holiday, I had to send my furry kids to a boarding (Kennel). Very same day of my return, I went to pick them up from boarding. My big girl Gauri sensed my presence hearing my car sound from far and she gave hard time to the kennel lady. She made me emotional once we got back home. I parked my car in the basement, she couldn’t wait for me to open the car door, she jumped out of my car window, ran towards my flat in second floor. She was sitting there in front of the door with a look-“This is where I belong this is my home, why did you send me to some boarding?” Only those who live with dogs can understand what I am saying. Moment we entered home, she went on doing an inspection like everything is in place in the house. She went to the balcony and barked to the glory I know she was telling the world that she is back home and her momma is back home too. She followed me entire day inside my house with a look-“you aren’t leaving me and going anywhere right?” I truly felt I am back home to my family from a holiday.

My furry babies are my family. Their unconditional love has taught me to live my life again. I am no lonelier in this world and I am no more pessimist because Gauri taught me to be an optimistic in life.
A House is not a Home without A Dog


  1. Love dogs :-) Wrote about the street dogs in my post. :D