Friday, 27 February 2015

I have been thinking of changing my car for a long time now. I want to upgrade but my budget allows only a second hand upgrade, so I decided to sell my present car and upgrade it to another used car but better version car.So I went to meet a local dealer who deals with a selling and buying used cars. My experience wasn't anything worth mentioning but still I will brief it out. I was expecting around 300,000 for my car but the dealer said market value to sell my car is just 200,000. I tried explaining that, I have maintained my car with proper servicing, I don't have single dent or scratch any where. Though its many years old, interiors are as good as new. I even pointed out every single maintained features along with my new alloy wheels which I got few months ago. Agent wasn't  seem  to buy what ever I said or showed. He told me bluntly that what ever he is quoting is high from market value and he said 10 percent of the sale value is his commission. So I literately get peanuts out of my well maintained car. I left his office saying I will get back to him but mentally I already made up that I will not sell my car for such small amount.

Consciously Selling my car thought went to hide out, I get on with my work without allowing a thought of upgraded car.
You all know from my previous posts about my experience with I downloaded Quikr NXT app in generally to keep my smart phone organized with right useful apps. After downloading I mindlessly started browsing the App for not any particular reason. I stumbled upon adds related to selling used cars. Without wasting any time I started browsing and I found a right used car which I like to upgrade. Price mentioned  also had a reasoning along with many pictures. As you all know from my previous post, Quikr has a amazing chat feature. I left message to the sellers who ever I was interested. I got reply from many with in no time. I even finalized my next upgraded car in 60 minutes. Seller asked me to come with a cash or check next day morning and drive back with car. All happened without actually speaking to him over phone, everything was finalized over the chat. Now the real problem started, I only have little money i my account which I have been saving and I have to sell my car to organised money for this new  second hand car.
Immediately I clicked my car pictures. I wrote a detailed description about why I am quoting 300,000. I uploaded it on Quikr site. Now I sat with my chat window open for many hours. To my luck I didn't get single response, I was heart broken and thought will give another hour, If I don't get response I shall contact my new prospect second hand car seller and cancel the deal. It was almost 9 Pm and logged-In to my app just for one last time to check. I had a inquiry, Immediately I replied and opposite person was also online at same time. We had chat for about 45 minutes, He wasn't ready for 300,000 but we made a deal for 275,000. According to me its a good deal any day compare to what ever agent offered. I told him to come home next day morning with cash to pick up the car. This person turned  home early in the morning, much before fixed appointment time, gave money and drove back with my car, all happened without talking over the phone for hours.
I went to my prospect seller, gave him cash and picked up my new upgraded car. I was happy girl o my new upgraded wheels and all happened in over night without a hassle of dealing with middle man. I even saved 10 percent commission money which I would loose out on agent.

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