Tuesday, 10 February 2015

We live in a high technology era, where smart phones and applications have influenced our lives in many ways. Application on a mobile  to chat with a friend who is across the ocean, apps to order home delivery food, groceries and many other day to day activities are solely dependent on smart phones and their applications. Mobile phones have taken a major role in organising our everyday life in many ways. Irrespective of age group, now majority of the crowd is somehow or other,active on social Medias like Facebook, twitter and other social Medias.
Social media to meet and communicate with people around the world, way to send and receive information, also one of the way to do a marketing. Many political leaders are social media users, but why? Because it is an easiest way to reach common people. Now a days young generation may not read newspapers but they don’t stay away from social media. There was a time, where you needed laptop to enter the social media world and interact around the world. As the mobile phones evolved, smartphones have taken over the majority of the tasks what a desktop/laptop can do and also lets a common man to enter the social media life on the go. There was a time, newspapers used to be the companion on toilet seat now it has been replaced by cell phones. Young generation may not enjoy reading 1000 word article on newspaper, but they certainly enjoy reading 4 line forwarded message or updates about someone’s life on social media apps. There was a time, if you want to be updated about a particular current affair, you need to rush home to watch news on TV, if not switch on your laptop/desktop and search news websites, if not wait for the next day morning paper, but now all you need to do is be active on social medias to get updates. Some celebrity gives birth to identical twins, before the news media reports it, you get a chance to see the pictures of the twins on some social media. Social media is a brand creator as well as brand destroyer if one makes a wrong move.
I was happy with a basic phone which would let me to make calls and send messages for many years. Though I had social media profiles, I would only be active there whenever I have time to sit in front of my laptop. Later everything changed, I got a smartphone as a gift (I think it was around 2010-11) everything changed after that. If I am riding in taxi or a rickshaw, I need my phone and a social media as a companion through the entire ride. This is when I realised the impact of social Medias via mobiles. Easy and convenient access to the virtual world through mobile phones just got me hooked up.
Mobiles have evolved and now we are wandering even in tablets world. For few it’s a status symbol to own a classy tablet for many it’s a necessity.
I want to share one of my personal experience with social media. I happen to witness a corruption in an adhaar card enrolment centre, I raised my voice and I got humiliated in public for speaking right thing. I was hopeless and used my Facebook status to vent out my frustration. I got few likes and also few comments to pacify me. Trust me, I wasn’t expecting anything out of this status message, all I wanted was a space to rant. To my surprise I was contacted by an Adhaar card enrolment officer next day to enquire what exactly happened with me. Later I got to know that, I have a social activist in my friend’s list who made right people to notice my status message. Did I have too many likes or shares of my status? Not at all, I hardly had few likes, but got noticed as I had right networking on social media.
Right networking and presence in social Medias can do wonders in life. Why all the celebrities choose to be active on social Medias? In last few years, there is something called social media marketing, why a brand spends money on it? Because social Medias has become a part of present generations.
My mother is someone from 1940s with minimum education according to the society standards, but she knows exactly what is Facebook, what’s app or other social Medias. This explains how someone in 60s feels like being updated with the generation. According to me, only survival can force a conservative mind set to change, if my mother attempted to understand these new technologies that explains their necessity to learn all these to survive among rest of the world.
What’s my views about social media on mobile v/s Web?
Getting into laptop/desktop just to be active on social media is ridiculous in present busy world, once again staying away from social media is also impossible because we are already hooked up and we need to be updated with the worldly affairs. So the mobile comes as a rescuer which gives an access to the virtual world of social media while peeing in a toilet, while travelling in a public transport or like a true companion on a sleepless nights.
Is it a good influence in life?
Every evolution in life has its own pros and also cons Even instant access to the social media through mobile has its owns cons too. According to me, embrace all the pros of social Medias and be responsible to deal for yourself and for your own people once it comes to the ‘cons’ associated with social Medias.

All good things has to come with some cons and for the sake of all goodness, we have to learn to deal with cons.

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