Friday, 20 February 2015

We both fell in love innocently without actually knowing what holds for us in future. Falling in love is easy but feeling love can happen only to the lucky ones and I am indeed lucky. I see you everywhere, I feel you everywhere, maybe that’s the reason I can sense your slightest change in mood from 100sKm…Days have rolled in to many years and I still feel the same about you. I still feel you the same way, I still wake up with your thought, and I end my day with your thought. In my world, I have dreams and you are part of my every dream. My dreams are incomplete without you in it or rather I say I can’t imagine a dream without you in it.
I just want to know you are there at the end waiting for me.....

One day, unknowingly I embarked a sail in a boat.After a fair enough sail, I realised I am not in a river but in an ocean with a boat which would just vanish off even if ocean farts silently... My mind said, get back to your shore but the heart said you already sailed a bit, just hold on to the tide and sail, you will reach your dream land. I made a decision that I will sail to a shore where ever you are…I accepted the fact, I am sailing in a boat in an ocean with just a hope that ocean is going to behave well with me. My dreams with you, gave me all the courage to sail this long way. I sail in a hope that, tomorrow is a day to reach your shore. All I know is, I love you and you love me, for that sake I should sail. Then one day, I woke up with a bad dream, I realised, I am in middle of ocean, all alone in a rocking boat. I am frightened and not sure where am I? Not sure how many more days to sail? As these questions started dancing around my eyes, from nowhere I realised what was the bad dream I woke up for….I dream t that I reached my dream shore, only to find that you are not standing there to receive me, I was standing there all alone, shattered …I just looked back only to realise I completed and survived a long sail on a rocking boat, just to stand in a unknown land, all alone with broken heart.

I tried and still trying to convince myself that it was just a dream, but dream can also come true….My heart doesn’t let me to discontinue this sail but I can’t continue rest of the sail with a hung up of bad dream. How I wish, I know you are there at the other end of the shore waiting for me…how I wish, you can come here and give me an assurance that this journey wouldn’t go waste with a hug… I want that same enthusiasm I had when I started this journey, I want that zest I had back in me which I had till this bad dream…. I just want to know you are there at the end waiting for me...I want that zest back, I hate the feeling of mistrusting you even for a moment, How can i chase away these thoughts?I haven't stopped loving you...I love you more and more as the day passes but again not easy to deal with these thoughts….Is there is any way for you to send me a message of assurance to this middle of the ocean??? 


  1. you write very well taking the picturesqueness intact