Sunday, 1 February 2015

Indimeet is something I always look forward and try my best not to miss attending Indieet. I have been on Indiblogger since 2013 and I haven’t missed any Indimeet that held in Bangalore. I was all dolled up and went for Indimeet held on 30-01-2015 at ITC Gardenia sponsored by Asus India. Bangalore is the first city to see the first Indimeet of the year 2015, which makes us, Bangalore bloggers lucky and proud.
Like always, the Indi Team did a good job in organising everything meticulously. I salute to the team for their dedication towards Indiblogger family.
The main agenda of this meet was, launch of new All-in-One PC and EBook by Asus. Who wouldn’t enjoy a new gadget? Those days are gone, where computers are only for techie people. Now computers are part of everyone’s life.
The meet started with an Indi band music by Nihal and co…The band played some head banging metal. 

Then the Asus products was unveiled and the product manager of Asus Mr- Chu gave us all a product presentation. He even answered all blogger’s questions.

Later we had chance to try out the product and experience it on our own. I liked the All-in-One PC. It looks very stylish and features are also promising.

One of the major reason I love attending Indi meet is to see all those faces behind the wonderful blogs. Like always I interacted with many bloggers. 

I happen to meet my neighbour Freya after many months in an Indimeet.  We used to share same apartment complex, we used to gossip, have meaningless chats, about all most everything on this earth along with endless chai. I have lost a kilo or two since she left as I have no place to go and beg for food when I am hungry.

Indimeet in association with Asus India concluded very well and had great time in the meet. 


  1. So great. I am moving to Bangalore this month. We never had an indimeet in Cochin.

    1. Lets hope for more meets in Bangalore...Hey, ping me when you are in Bangalore or you need any help here ;)