Saturday, 31 January 2015

You all know about my previous quirk post where I spoke about why I prefer quirk if relocating to Bangalore is on cards. In this post I am going to speak about one of the features of Quirk which looks very promising and welcoming feature by all segments of the society. has come up with a ‘chat’ feature. According to me it’s a revolutionary move from team Quirk. As technology is getting evolved at the pace of sunrise, even we, the common man with less technology knowledge also has raised bars in term of techie expectations. Though our knowledge is limited, we exactly know what to expect out of an e-commerce website before logging in. Privacy is a on the priority list, next comes avoiding spammers and also meeting right buyers/sellers is also among priority.
Recently I was looking for an office space in Bangalore an I came across a new feature on Quikr called Quikr NXT feature. Which is a chat feature. I am in love with this feature. Do you want to know why? Read further…
Reason no-1 why I like this feature
Privacy is one of the priority in virtual world. You got to think more than twice before putting up your mobile number on a website. Sometimes it’s quite impossible to erase your personal data once its online. Who wants to take chance with as personal as phone number? This new chat feature on quikr allows you to hide your phone number and chat with buyer/seller directly and finalize whatever you are looking for
.Reason no-2
We all live in a busy world and a display of a unknown phone number on a mobile screen at an unexpected hour can boil the blood out of boiling point. Now you can avoid such incidents in life with a smart feature of quikr. Don’t disclose your phone no, just chat directly at the convenience with buyer/seller and crack the deal. Isn’t it awesome? Isn’t it tension free?
Reason-3We women have to be extra conscious once it comes to sharing phone numbers with strangers either in virtual or real world. Its quite scary to share phone numbers in a world where maniacs are at every corner. The new quikr nxt feature lets you to maintain your privacy. Its new chat feature lets you to talk to buyer/seller without sharing your phone number. Isn’t it sensible option on quikr?? I am sure, every women around would appreciate this feature.
This new feature, helps you decide the right prospect and also saves you from sharing your personal detail like phone number to an unwanted person. You don’t need to worry about an unwanted call at unwanted hour. If you are female, you don’t need to worry about meeting stalker online as it gives plenty of opportunity to screen the person before making a decision.
Now  No Fikar, Chat Quikr with Quikr NXT feature…


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