Sunday, 25 January 2015

How i hate good byes....
The moment you said goodbye, emotions rushed through my entire body and though I tried my best to supress my feelings, my eyes failed and I cried. I know its temporary but the wait  till next  time is always a pain. Its a 1000 watts pain to see you moving away and again I know its just for time being.  
love Diary

Once again its a same  life, looking forward for you phone  calls, watching  the seasons pass by and cherishing the moments i spent with  you and  once again  waiting for that moment  to  be with  you all over  again but i don't want to say goodbye  ever again.
Once again its life where I miss every moment I  spent with you, Mindless laughs, never ending kisses, meaningless talks, serious dreams.... This is what  keeps me going on in life...getting up everyday with a hope of nearing a day to see you  again....waiting for you is a pain but its a sweet  pain.... I know this is for time being but I hate good byes....


  1. Agree Knitha, I hate good byes and such a wrench feeling, wishing how those days would come back!