Wednesday, 31 December 2014

It was time for the king Drushana to find a match to his only daughter Suruchita, the princess of Shravanapura. The one who would be marrying Suruchita would be the successor to the throne - the throne that would rule the largest kingdom of India. And so, it is natural that rulers from other kingdoms would be competing with each other to hold the hand of Suruchita and in the process get possession of another kingdom. Drushana called the purohit of the kingdom and asked him to organise a swayamvaram. The one who would be able to prove himself in the swayamvaram would be given the golden opportunity to marry the King’s daughter. The purohit made sure that the news reached every nook and corner of the kingdom. Special invitations to the swayamvaram were sent out to a few people who were considered to be the bravest and the most popular kings. The swayamaram became the topic of evening discussions. Every person in every kingdom, right from a five year old kid to an old man knew about the swayamvaram and were looking eagerly to know who would be that lucky person.

The day had finally arrived. Suruchita was gorgeously dressed in white. She looked like a goddess who had come down straight from heaven. And so were each of the kings who came to attend the swayamvaram. All the kings expected that Suruchita would be testing their physical strength and probably asking them lift a heavy bow and break it into two. But what happened surprised everyone. She didn’t speak a word. She simply got up and walked from one end of the room to the other glancing at every king. She finally stopped in front of one of the kings and put a garland around his neck. Everyone were surprised. If one ranked all the kings either by their strength or size of the kingdom, that person would be at the end of the list. But only Suruchita knew what she wanted - a king with a clean shaven look!

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