Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Love and marriage are the most important things in one’s life. The first of them helps you to find the perfect match and the second one allows you live with that perfect person for the rest of your life. Every moment and experience with that other person is worth remembering and recollecting every moment of your life. Everyone has varied experiences when it comes to love. Here is the love story of Sirish and Sarika.

They both met each other during their college days. They feel deeply in love with each other and thought that they couldn’t live even for a single moment in the absence of the other. But fate started playing its game. Sirish went to the US for post graduate studies while Sarika continued her higher education in India itself. They had to live away from each other for a long time. They both were physically separated from each other but both their hearts were still connected. They talked to each other over the phone every single day.

The golden day came when Sirish would be returning to India. They would be meeting each other after a long gap of two years. Sarika was all excited. She went to the airport three hours before the schedule arrival. The condition of Sirish was also similar. His heart beat kept increasing with every passing second. And finally, the plane landed.

Sarika was looking through the crowd searching for Sirish but she couldn’t find him. Suddenly, some person from the crowd came towards Sarika, gave her a brown coloured teddy and said ‘I love you’. Sarika’s anger knew no bounds. She slapped Sirish, scolded him for a few moments and burst into tears. The other person stood there like a statute, unable to understand what was going on. It was none other than Sirish! Timidly, he said ‘Sarika! I am Sirish. Did you forget me?’ Sarika stared at Sirish for a few minutes and finally recognised him. ‘What happened to your clean shaven look?’ she asked. Sirish had no answer!

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