Saturday, 22 November 2014

Hello All,
You all know from my previous posts that I am in a wandering mode in Australia. Its been 4 weeks here and I am enjoying every bit of my time here.
Weather is something which pisses me off often. My mood swings are better than Australian weather swings. I have seen very less sunny days here. Though the sunny days are fun, I have to go to the extents to save my skin from harsh sun rays of Australia.
Yesterday was a nice sunny day here and I decided to go to Victoria market in Melbourne. I took out a nice dress from my closet as its one of those days I didn’t need to cover up myself with a jacket.

Here are few pics of what I wore to Victoria market

Street fashion on Melbourne streets- Victoria Market
Its a one piece dress which gives a illusion of two piece. I don't remember when did I buy this one. It was lying in my wardrobe for years now and I wore it for the first time in Melbourne. Probably it was destined to get air in Australia

Street fashion on Melbourne streets- Victoria Market

Dress brand- Unknown
Hand Bag- bought in Target
Sun glasses - Dior
Ear rings- Forever New

Love Yourself