Sunday, 23 November 2014

God Is A Gamer 

Author: Ravi Subramanian

Language: English

Length: 324 pages


Publisher: Penguin Books India

God Is A Gamer By Ravi Subramanian- Book Review

Now a days I am reading lots of thrillers and thanks to blogadda for sending one more thriller novel for review. I enjoy reading thrillers and especially those thriller novels which makes me sit at the edge of my chair as I reach climax. God is a gamer is also one of those types. Its attractive title caught my attention and wanted to read this one like today but unfortunately I couldn't do it sooner. Though its a one sit read, I took many days to finish up reading as I am travelling. I received  this book from just 4 days before my departure from India to Australia. Some how I found time in between my wandering in Australia to read this book and write a review finally.

I usually don’t speak about the thriller story line, as I feel its like killing a curiosity of a reader by giving a story line.
Its a first bitcoin novel. Virtual living has become a part of everyone's life style in a present world. Its a brilliantly written novel which shows the down side of virtual world. The novel speaks volume about author’s hard work he has put in the research before weaving a story. This novel has come out at right time when bitcoin went through a controversy and finally accepted as a virtual currency.
There are loopholes in the story and also few grammar and printing errors in the book, I didn't like the way author has ended the character Swami. I just feel few of the characters didn't get the justice by an author, but I like to ignore them as the author has done a justice to the book by plotting a very tight story . He has waived a nice story where he hooks a reader from start to end.
Book has all right ingredients to be a thriller. There is love, lust, many shades of grey giving a new dimension to the story line when you just feel that you cracked the book.I wouldn't be surprised if this book makes it to the Bollywood. This book has all  right corners to become a good thriller movie. Its an unputtable down, interestingintriguing book.
Few lines i like in the book-

“Success is not always measured in terms of dollars earned or turnover. It is measured in terms of the difference you have made to the people around you.” 

“Career longevity is more important than career enhancement…If you live, you get to fight your battle another day”
I have'nt read mr.Ravi Subramanian other works, but God s a gamer has created a interest in me to read his other works. I will  definitely read his other works and review in my blog in coming days.
Thanks to for sending me this thriller novel to review.
Will I recommend this book to others? Of course I will. A book is a super hit, if it keeps the reader engage till last page and this book certainly does. This book is available in all major book stores and also online ( , etc )

I rate 4/5   

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  1. Nice review. I read the book, interesting one from Ravi! BlogAdda is back with another interesting activity #WillYouShave I have tagged you here. Kindly accept my tag and have fun writing!

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