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About the campaign-
The Power of Voice to Clean IndiaThere are places that need cleaning, people who deserve your attention & authorities who need to hear your opinions! Don’t be a silent spectator. Raise your voice and make a difference.
We know that raising our voices against all that is dirty in our country is a power that we all have. Let’s exercise the power of our voice & work towards a Swach Bharat.
Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega.


 Garden city to Garbage city-Bangalore...Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega
Above picture speaks about garbage story of Bangalore. Someone tried bringing mother, religion everything possible to solve the garbage issue but nothing seems to work out. Am I proud of the words used in above picture? I am ashamed of it. I am ashamed of a person who came out with the idea of pulling religion, mother and what not to dirty the wall in first place and next I am ashamed of all the people irrespective of the religion for dirtying the spot. You can spot this modern art wall painting in almost every area of Bangalore in many variations depending on the creativity of a painter.
We all want to keep our house clean but we just don’t care if our surroundings are filled with over flowing garbage boxes. We just walk across or drive away blaming our municipality or the present government and we conveniently forget what’s our contribution in first place to have an over flowing garbage bins or garbage filled road sides.

I have a neighbor who is a clean freak, When ever I am passing in front of her house, I always catch a glimpse of her cleaning one or other corner of her house. Even caught her throwing her garbage in a empty space right behind our apartment. One day, I told her not to that as she is dirtying some one's land and its not a right thing to do. Answer I got from her was this- “ that’s not your place, why are you bothered? “.
This is the mind set of almost every Indians. Our house should be clean and throw the garbage in neighbor's compound or on the side walks of the street . Its like- 'My shit- You clean if its stinks' kind of a attitude. Also very same people go on blaming the authorities without even remembering what they did just a while back.
Authorities has the main share to take blames, No doubt about it but have you done your part right to blame others?
Authorities have issued a circular a year ago and also did a big time campaign about waste segregation in Bangalore when the garbage issue went to the peak. Little background, BBMP/municipality faced an issue with garbage dumping yard which is in outskirts of Bangalore , they didn’t have space to dump the city garbage and they didn’t pick up the garbage from many areas for days. Result of this, Bangalore started stinking to the extent that the olfactory nerves of a journalist in USA got alerted , sniffed the smells of Bangalore road sitting in a far away country and Bangalore was named as a garbage city in leading USA paper, Once a garden city became a garbage city in a international media. Bangalore was shamed in international level and authorities was under pressure to calm down the situation, so took up this campaign of waste segregation vigorously and tried their best to educate people about it and how it would help them to solve the issue. Every apartment complex and houses were issued with circulars regarding the same. What’s the out come? Its completely Zero!! at least in my area where I live. First few days (may be a week), every garbage was segregated and went to the right bin, Today every garbage goes to the bin which is empty for that moment. Basically, we residents are saying in our action, we cant segregate the waste and if municipality wants it, let them sit and do the job. So whom to blame? Authority or the we-citizens of the great India?

Its time for all of us to understand- 'You should not shit, where you eat'. Its not just authorities job to maintain sanitation, its also a responsibility of every citizen of India.

Its time for all of us to rise voice to clean India. All the arm chair activists ( NRIs, Elite class of Indians...), rather posting a status message on social media about your views on Swatch Bharath, get your butt off from the chair and do a bit of cleaning around your area to start with. All the celebrities out there who wants a piece of cake in the name of swatch Bharath, spare your designer cloths and expensive sunglasses at least while posing on a camera with a broom stick.
Authorities don’t take us seriously? Why? Because we aren't serious about taking a stand on the issue. We speak today and we forget tomorrow. Its time for us to change our attitude so the government takes us seriously. Raise your voice, before that clean your surroundings, segregate the wastes properly everyday, then raise your voice. When millions of people are correct in their part, an authority of very few people formed by a citizens of India has no option other than listening to these million of voices.
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So lets stop being arm chair activists, lets do our bit on a sincere note and lets see India being cleaned for the prosperity in all terms.

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