Thursday, 27 November 2014

Do I believe in past life or rebirths? Yes I do believe.
Don’t want to go through the details about why I believe, as its a topic which may make people to be judgmental about me and not in a mood to become a chewing bone for anyone. But I would like to share a phase of my life and what I learnt about past life.
Who am I??
Who was I in my past life? This question bothered me at one point of my life. I am someone who jumps into a quest impulsively and I jumped on it to find out who am I.....
After a lot of research, a friend of mine suggested me someone who is mastered in the art of taking a person to past life using hypnosis. I met this person and I was really impressed. He suggested me to attend few self hypnosis classes he conducts in order to understand the method and to prepare myself to go through the process of going to my past life to find out my past life. I was all excited and attended few classes ( don’t ask me what I learnt in the classes, according to me self hypnosis is nothing but falling asleep). This entire thing wasn’t cheap and I spent a good fortune on these classes.
I was too enthusiastic about this adventure and I would fill my mom with all the stories I heard from my master every day over the phone. Just 2 days before my D-day to go through the steps of going to my past life, I had a conversation with my mum which made me re-think about my decision of this venture.
Here is a conversation
Mom- “ Why do you want to know about your last life”
Me-” Because my master said, what we go through in this life is because of past life regression”
Mom-” don’t use big words I don’t understand. What does it mean?”
Me-” see, you know how my life is right now,I just want to find why is it going this way and the answer is knowing my past and correcting myself in this life, so I can lead a happy life”.
Mom- “Sounds interesting, go and tell me what else your master told about correcting yourself with your past life experience” I went on explaining what ever my master taught me to my mum all over again as if I am telling her for the first time, It was more like convincing myself about the entire scheme of my plan.
Mom-look, I don’t understand what ever your master taught you, but answer me, according to you what were you in last life?”
I was taken aback with this question, I wanted to know my past life but I never tried attempting to think myself once also that what I was in my last birth. After few seconds of Ummm and Haaaaa I answered her-” May be I was a freedom fighter, or a soldier or a queen or a maid or....”
Mon-:”So you can only come up with safe answers”
Me-” what do you mean by that”
Mom-” have you ever given a thought that probably you were an anti-social,murderer, thief or of any on those lines?”
Me-” Mom I am your daughter how can you even think I was like that in my last birth”?
Mom- “ who am I to think that way? I am not God to know who you were in last birth, but I am just helping you to think in another angle too”.
Again I continued with my ummm and haaas as my mum continued with her talk-” Will you be able to live this life if you ever find out as one of those I mentioned earlier?”
I just got lost in the thoughts of whirlpool after my mom put this new seed in my mind. I cant think myself as a bad person in my past life but can I rule out that I can be one of those as my mum mentioned?
I just got myself together and asked my mum-” According to you mom, what I was in my last birth”.
Mum-” you were my daughter in last birth and you are my daughter and you will be my daughter in next birth too”.
I had a mixed emotion at that moment. How easy life if you just think what you want? I am happy being my mom's daughter in any life, why I didn’t think it out in her way and made my life easier?
My entire night went on thinking about what my mum told me and rethinking about my decision.
Next day morning I got up with a door bell buzzing and it was my maid. As I sat over with my morning coffee, I asked my maid that what’s her thoughts on past life? She answered me that she doesn’t get time to think about her past life shit when she is too busy putting food on plate and meeting ends for her family.
I got my final answer for that moment-”no more past life investigation for me”, lesson is, live this life, learn from the mistakes in this life and correct yourself for better future. Few things in life is better to be kept secret. Past and future is better to be in suspense mode for today's peace. Can we change what happened in past? Can we stop what ever it may happen tomorrow? then why to spoil today's peace when we have no control over what happened or what may happen?
One more lesson I learnt from my maid- when survival becomes necessary, past and future just looks like an another shit which you don’t want to meddle with ( just trying put her own words).

I think its a phase of life everyone questions about past life at one point especially when a person is depressed in life or too content in life( basically, when a person has got noting to in life).

So who were you in your past life???


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