Saturday, 22 November 2014

Her kid is sick again...In last one month her kid took sick leave from school for 3rd time.She is Worried about his academic downfall, Worried about the extra time she needs to force him to study to make up for all lost classes. worried about Kid’s health issues are affecting on studies, physical growth.
Appointment made with pediatrician, carrying a file which may weigh more than a kid itself. Pediatrician says-all vaccines are updated, all tests are good, and it’s a common for kids to fall sick as their immunity is low and prescribes medicines and advice which wouldn't stop the falling sick episodes
This is the story of majority of Indian parents or almost everywhere in the world. Physical sickness affects mental health of a kid too. Kids are national treasures of our country. Parents plan for their kid’s life to secure them financially in this process they forget a common saying HEALTH IS WEALTH.
Immunity in children is always low compare to adults.Kids are vulnerable.Childhood is a time, kids build their immunity.stronger the foundation, stronger the building. Same way a build a stronger immunity in your kid for a stronger and healthier adulthood.
In my words Immunity means-Soldiers present in our body to fight against enemies who attacks our body in the means of infections, diseases and other forms which may make body suffer.
Take it any country, it always focuses on building a best defense system to protect themselves from enemies. Same way every parent needs to work on building a good defense system inside their kid’s body for the better adulthood. REMEMBER-Health Is Wealth!!!
How can we stop kids falling from sick often? How to build internal resistance against sickness??
Building an internal resistance can’t happen overnight. A healthy life style is a key of good health. Ayurveda can really help in improving internal body resistance power against health hazards.
In a present fast world its very difficult to go back to grandma's era and make changes in life styles. Now a days majority of both parents are working class. You want or not,fast foods takes up the dining table almost every day. Preservative filled up food items gradually affects the kid's health in many ways.
So is there is any instant solution to build a kid's imunity? Yes there is a solution and Its called as -Dabur Chayawanprash.
A spoonful of Dabur Chyawanprash can take your kid's good health long way.
Benifits of Dabur Chyawanprash
  • Improves immunity
  • removes body toxin
  • better digestion and healthy stomach
  • improves memory power
  • has anti-cancer properties
  • anti-aging
Here is a story about Chyawanprash-A maharishi named chyawan did tapas to learn to create a medicine to live long and strong. He won hearts of ashwini devatas in devotional way and learnt recipe to make a medicine which is full of anti oxidants, anti aging and many other health benefit properties and he succeeded in inventing this medicine for mankind.DABURCHYAWANPRASH is recommended for every child in India to create an immune India.ChyawanPrash can be consumed by any age group-Kids also adults of all age group.

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