Monday, 27 October 2014

This is my 150th post and I am happy to share one of my real experience :)

Way back 2009 /2010, I was little low and frustrated with the things happening with my life so decided to take a break. That was a time I was briefly staying with my parents. One fine January morning when I was doing roly-poly on my bed, a thought passed in my mind that to take off somewhere and cut off all connection with real and virtual world. But I had glitch, we were having big function at home just in 10days and my presence was required as being only daughter to my parents. We were expecting more than 200 guests for this function. I am impulsive and sometimes it’s impossible to stop myself from doing things especially when my mad nerve gets triggered.  I packed my bag and told my mum that I am taking off for few days and I would be definitely back from where ever I am going 2 days before the function. My mother knows me very well; she understood it’s impossible to stop me and decided to let me go. I even told her that my mobile and all possible communication would be cut off. She wasn’t happy about this, but still a stubborn daughter didn’t leave her with any other option. Though she wasn’t happy she bid me a good bye with her usual advises.
I did take off to a place I love the most (I won’t tell, where I was), I had a blissful 7 days. Just being myself helped me a lot in many ways. I was a new person after I finished my no gadgets, no communication with anyone holiday. This trip was like a vipassana meditation to me (Plz spend your little data on Google to know about Vipassana). I can go on speaking about what I experienced in this holiday, but I would prefer to share after effects or rather what happened in real world during my no communication holiday.
A friend of mine called my mother as my mobile was switched off to know about my where about. My mother just gave her the truth that I took off somewhere and I would be back soon and she doesn’t have any idea where am I.
This friend shared this news with another friend and the news went on spreading among friends and then it went on to my acquaintances and also to whom I simply don’t know. It’s a long story and I cut short and make pointers,
-          Few thought I ran away with some guy.
-          Few thought I committed suicide and my parents are covering up this.  According to few I am recovering in some hospital and according to others I am dead.( till date, I don’t understand why my parents has to cover up if I am dead)
-          My Facebook time line was flooded with messages like- “wru” “come soon”” worried about you” and so on…from my acquaintances  and from people simply I don’t know.
So the bottom line is- many tales started making rounds regarding my absence in real world. I am glad that no one came up with an idea of circulating pictures on social media saying-“this girl is missing so and so date, giving info about get would be rewarded” and also thank God, there were no 'RIP' messages.
Whatever the rumors are, it didn’t take long to reach my parent’s ears. Though my mother knows me too well, she started having second thoughts about my absence.
What happened later?
I got back home just like I promised my mum, 2 days before the grand function. What exactly happened on function is this- only about 100 people turned up for the function, I asked my mum where the remaining guests are? She said- she stopped inviting people as she heard rumors about me. She wanted to minimize the damage/ make it easy for herself if the function needs to be called off. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh for this or cry over it. I was little angry with mum as she didn’t trust me. I was upset for all the rumors spread behind my back. But I was not upset for long because my no communication with real world holiday just seasoned me, made me learn a lot about myself, and helped me to rediscover myself.
This was my first experience to stay away from real world without any communication with real world. I truly enjoyed every bit of it. One thing, I learnt was, if a female makes a choice in her life, it always questioned by society. A simple task of being oneself can take many angles in society. Did it stop me from doing what I want? No, it just taught me a lesson- sometimes you have to live just for yourself; it simply gives you happiness which a bag full of money also can’t give.
After this experience, I have taken off like this many times and every time it’s a new experience, every time I learn new things about myself and about life. Now my mother also doesn’t get stressed out, over the years I’ve won her confidence that her daughter is responsible about her life as well as her duties.
I am taking off to Australia tomorrow. It’s not a no-communication trip; I would be updating my experience in my travel blog- Read all my travel madness there :)

May be it’s just a minute, but live for yourself at least once.


  1. Nice post PariKnitha. I absolutely agree with your saying that even money can't buy you everything. Happiness and peace in your life has to be explored by yourself only. Its like a treasure hunt. Sometimes we find happiness even in small things that we do, but we still keep on searching and digging more.
    I would also like to add that our society thinks in the same way even if a boy makes his own choices. More than our parents, our society is worried about us :)
    But lest we follow those and live our own lives happily..
    Wishing a great journey to Australia. Enjoy and Keep Writing.

  2. Haha! It was really fun reading :)
    The People! :D