Monday, 15 September 2014

Bucket lists have gone viral on social medias. few days ago book bucket list had hit the Indiblogger now the new one is- 10 things to do before you die. After seeing untimely deaths in my family, I vouch on a saying - 'life is uncertain'. I always stop myself from making bucket list of to do things because, I hardly get any time in my drama filled life. 
If anyone wants a twist and turns just like Ekta kapoor's Tv soaps, one should follow my life. After I read this week's Indispire topic,I couldnt stop myself from listing down my to do things before I die. After all my life is a drama, so I decided to get on with bucket list drama also.      

Winning Big in a Blogging contest
I’ve not won anything Big till date. I am still nursing my heart for missing a flight to Oman. But loosing the contests has made me more stubborn and I keep trying till I win. Recently I’ve spammed my blog with contest entries, it bothers me, but still I’ll not give up till I win. A thought of me being in a death bed with a feeling of a looser is haunting me day and night. I don’t want to take my last breath like a looser.
Notice to all Indian Blogger’s directories/platforms.
If I die without winning big in a contest, my sprit will haunt your platform’s website on every month's Amavasya night. Remember spirits are not bounded to any legal obligations.

Killing my Ex
I wish, a government gives me an authority to kill one person in my life which would be forgiven in the eyes of law and I wouldn't be subjected to any kind of punishment. That day, I will hunt down this fellow and kill him.
Now don’t comment that I should move on in life, I should learn to forgive or anything on those lines.Beacuse I’ve moved on and I’m also entitled to have some cheap thrill in life :P( For god sake, it’s just a bucket list plzzzzz)

Fooling the Bank
Recently I am being haunted by banks through an email, phones and all possible communication means to give me a Platinum credit card with a 'chip'. I want that platinum card with high credit limit. What I want to do with the card? Ok here is the answer- I want to go to a classy spa and take all possible treatments, which I always want to do but I stop myself from doing so;looking at the ridiculous pricing mentioned on price chart, because if I let my card to do a heavy duty exercise on swiping machine I wouldn't be able to handle the after effects on my bank balance. After my spa luxury, I want to go to UB City and shop all those big-big brands till I drop. All these days, I have dropped only after doing window shopping there. But for one last time I want to drop dead after doing a real shopping. Finished shopping what next? Then, I want to donate every asset (even the shopping I did in Ub city) to a stray dog welfare association and die. Wondering what’s the logic? Here I tell you- I got no immediate family who are alive, I got no assets, I am dead and sleeping with a grin on my face in a grave with an ultimate satisfaction of spending such a huge credit limit, while the bank people are pulling their hair to recover the money I owe them. #cheapThrills :P

Publishing my book-Quit Blogging and Take up Farming
This one wish is close to come true but have little glitch. I mentioned in my previous post that talks are on with IB team regarding using the line which I conveniently stole from IB as a title of my book.  IB team read my script; they have come for a conclusion that my book will make it to No-1 in a top selling book chart. They also believe my book may get nominated for a booker’s price of the year. Now IB wants cut out of my earning from the book and also a free publicity of IB when my book gets nominated to the awards. I tell you all, when people smell success and money they all get greedy. No wonder they say, writer’s life is pathetic. Anyway, I am still thinking my next move, not sure to give IB a share of my glory…feel free to give your opinion in comment section regarding the same.

Here comes the end of my bucket list…Oops!! Its only 4, sorry guys, blame my thinking ability. Oh I forgot to mention this, whom ever has read my previous post-bucket list of book knew that I enrolled myself to a course to be a Google expert by paying 100USD via my credit card. Unfortunately I got mail after a day that my credit card payment didn’t go through and they have cancelled my application. But they also sent a mail with an offer of 110 USD for a Google expert course and also a course to increase my IQ level. Isn’t it a great deal? Just 10USD for an extra course? I must say its a great deal. I am enrolling myself through this new deal and I promised myself to work hard to finish this courses.

Once  I finish this course I will come and update my bucket list: P

PS-This post is just for fun :)


  1. Killing the ex was the best! I won't kill though I will let him pay for his sins! :P

    1. Even I wont kill Datta...Just a wish list :P

  2. I laughed through the list...
    This was so honest----'I am still nursing my heart for missing a flight to Oman'

    1. Glad I made you laugh :) Purpose behind the post served :D
      Btw- congrats for winning Oman trip ( I'm J)...:) On a serious note- Glad u won and have a nice trip :)

  3. LOVE IT ! I would want 'Killing my ex' In my bucket list too ! :D And winning a blogging contest is definitely another wish I am now adding in my wish list. :D

  4. I thought the idea behind a bucket list was achievable things, things you have not set time aside for. Interesting that you have only 4. My mixed up head wouldn't be able to stop creating item after item.

    1. Get to the Woodstock festival site - done
    2. Walk across the zebra crosssing in front of Abbey Road studio
    3. Play a village cricket match in England

    that sort of thing... Still interesting backgrounds for the 4 items on your list. I highly recommend you don't go about killing anyone. :)

  5. Enjoyed reading your bucket list! I wish you luck and do hope you win a Prize:)