Sunday, 31 August 2014

Last Sunday I was invited by Univercell in association with indiblogger to experience their new showroom experience called Univercell Sync. You all know my dude drama from my previous post. I was actually given up about going to this experience but finally, I told the snake to rest in my car for a while and went to Indranagar UniverCell Sync showroom.
UniverCell Sync Bangalore-My experience

I was greeted by Soumya Menon;VP Brand Strategy of univercell .She personally took me and other fellow bloggers on this experience tour. She was very patient with us and answered all are sensible and non-sensible questions with a cool head.
I will start my virtual tour to Universal Sync from “Help Me’’ Desk.
UniverCell Sync Bangalore-My experience Sync Squad- You can approach them and give your criteria you are looking for, and they will certainly help you out to make a best decision of the product you intend to buy. Life in big cities is always hay wire. Finding a time to go out for shopping is always difficult, so now a days we tend to shop online and we just buy a mobile or tablet just by going with a reviews written in the sites and without actually experiencing it and later we regret for buying it as it doesn’t satisfy your gadget need in a right way, Many times we get cheated in the name of deals and offers. Now shopping is a cake walk, all you have to do is, call UniverCell and ask for a sync Squad to come and meet you with product to your home, Office or where ever you are, get a personal attention of a representative with a product demo. If my memory is right they charge you about 250 Rs but it’s worth it, because if you have to go personally to the store you would be spending more than that on conveyance. Isn’t it amazing to have a gadget date at your choice of place with a sync squad?
I am no tech savvy person.Everytime I change my mobile, I have to go behind a friend for days just to get all my data transferred from my old phone to new. But now begging infront of friends or others, those days are over, Call sync squad and they will help you out with all these post purchase hassles.
They will also help you to sync your device with laptop, TV or any other gadget. This service is not only useful for a no tech savvy like me but also to the senior citizens who have a problem in getting along with the present technology changes.
Now let me take you all to the nuke and corner of the univerCell showroom. You might have experienced special music zone or play station zone in particular brand showrooms, But have you experienced the same in any mobile retail shops? Usually if you get into mobile retail shops you get haunted by a representative who is edgy and gives his/her best performance in pushing you to buy particular product.
Now hear this carefully,UniverCell has done a revolution in designing the showroom .Their innovative design helps a  consumer to enjoy his/her gadget shopping without much of human interference (if you wish, representative is just turn away). You can just enjoy the real gadget (not Dummy Ones which you get to see in many mobile shops) which helps you to decide whether it suits your requirement or not.
Every individual has their own requirement once it comes to gadgets. Few wants best music experience in their mobile, few wants good camera quality and requirement goes on. Here every corner of the showroom is designed to meet such requirements; you can just head to the required section and leisurely enjoy the gadget, experience it and then make a decision to buy the product.
You also get to see a check-list in every zone. That gives you an idea to buy a proper gadget which suits your requirement also helps you to be organized with your gadget in day to day life.
Music Zone

UniverCell Sync Bangalore-My experience

As the name suggests, it’s a music related area which helps every music lover to make a best choice of their life. You will get to see all music friendly mobile and other gadgets. 
UniverCell Sync Bangalore-My experience

Even a best music oriented mobile needs a best accessory to experience the quality output of the music, keeping this in mind UniverCell have arranged all the accessories like head set, speakers etc in this zone. It helps a music lover to experience the accessory with right music gadget before buying it.

 Tablet Zone

UniverCell Sync Bangalore-My experience

Here you get to see all kind of tablets. This zone gives an opportunity to experience different brand tablets and also helps you to compare the tablet among other and make a decision based on your experience.
Also accessories like skins and covers are displayed here which helps you to make better decision to beautify your gadget.
Camera Zone

UniverCell Sync Bangalore-My experience

UniverCell Sync Bangalore-My experience This one was my favorite zone. A selfie lover like me can’t live without a mobile with quality camera output. Here you get to see all gadgets with quality camera.  Not only that, you also get to see and experience all camera related accessories. I actually fell in love with LG’s pocket printer which costs about 14,000. Right now it’s in my wish list.There is also a work and play zone which is specially designed for professionals whose life is always dependent on work friendly gadget which helps them to do their official work on move.Have a look at check list.You may be a photography enthusiast but you may not know what exactly you need to look in camera oriented gadget.This list helps you to make a better decision.

Kid Zone
Now days every parent has to decide their mobile according to kid’s taste. Once they get back home after a busy day, parent’s mobile becomes kid’s play station. Keeping this in mind, UniverCell has specially designed this area where kid’s (even for elders also) can enjoy playing with the mobile or tab and help their parents to make decision on purchasing a family friendly gadget. 
UniverCell Sync Bangalore-My experience

Not only that if you have a kid in tow while doing your shopping, you can just leave the kid in this zone and do your gadget shopping freely.
Latest Mobile Zone
Everyone are interested in knowing what new in market, that’s why this zone. Just go to this zone and have a quick peek to educate yourself about new arrivals.
There is also a zone for budget friendly mobiles. If your pocket is limited you can check it out this zone before making a decision.

UniverCell Sync showrooms are not only consumer friendly, it also offers many other perks one of them is Sync Squad which I spoke in the start of my post. Apart from that it also offers a package called Total Care for particular sum of amount. It’s not a huge amount, if you are buying a mobile worth 50,000 the package amount is about 1500(hope my memory is good).Beauty of this package is, you get door step pickup and delivery service if you an issue with your mobile. If your mobile has a major problem like mother board, screen or any other component problem, this package takes care for the replacement of the particular component of your mobile. This package takes care of the component replacement of higher denomination only once in the validity period of your package. But still it’s worth a shot in my experience. I own a Samsung s4 and recently I dropped it from 3rd floor and the screen was damaged. I had to replace it by paying quite a big amount that was the time I really wished for some type of insurance back up. Unfortunately even if your mobile is under warranty, company won’t replace any kind of physical damages,so buy Total care and live tension free life.

How I feel about UniverCell Sync Experience?
I am just a girl who loves mobiles and other gadgets without much of a techie knowledge. This is a right place for a people like me with limited knowledge as the showroom design itself works as a dictionary and helps people like me to make a best decision and own a user friendly gadget which makes life easier.
Now a days mobiles and tablets have become integral part of everyone's life irrespective of who you are. Our lives are dependent very much on gadgets,So buying a proper gadget is important to make life easier. UniverCell Sync with its innovatively designed showroom helps a common man to experience the gadget and then be a proud owner of a right gadget.
UniverCell Sync Bangalore-My experience
I give full marks for this experience.