Monday, 25 August 2014

Day started just like any other day.Only time had its plan to unveil a surprise in an interesting manner. This Sunday morning, just like any other Sunday, I got up late and after my morning chores and I dolled up to attend univerCell sync experience arranged by univerCell in association with Indiblogger. With great enthusiasm left home and I had to stop my car in a petrol bunk to fuel it up. Went to open my car’s back door to unlatch the fuel tank, my surprise was waiting exactly there. He was leisurely sleeping in his usual coiled up manner. He looked young and handsome. I took few seconds to register that what am I seeing, the moment I realized who this handsome dude was, I just let out a scream-SNAKE!!!..The guy who was standing next to me to fuel up my car, he came near and saw the handsome dude and he also gave a scream its COBRA!!!. By then I saw the dude silently slithering away to a passage inside my car, to hide out. He must be cursing me for spoiling his Sunday siesta. Crowd gathered; I stood away from my car as people started taking over my car. By then bunk guy advised me to take my purse and any other valuables from the car before people take advantage of the situation. I did as he suggested and stood in one corner, wondering what to do next. I love my country people in this kind of situations, every stranger wants to help you, everyone has got a suggestion, and all act like experts of any particular situation they come across. Everyone has a similar past story they have come across to speak about it in crowd. I was listening to so many stories in few seconds!!
Sunday Date with The Dude!!!-One More Drama In a Drama Queen's Life

Then a man came towards me to keep company.
Man-You know Ramanna, the Taxi guy? He also had a snake in his car.
Me-(who is Ramanna, The taxi Guy now? But didn’t ask him) I just smiled and said poor fellow.
After this smiley conversation. Once again he got lost in the crowd.
I was actually sorry that I will not be able to go to the Univercell sync experience. Called my mother to tell her about the situation, she suggested me to call snake catcher. I just remembered someone who may have a snake catcher contact details and called that person and to my luck, I got the snake catcher’s phone no. Called him and explained the situation, he advised me to lock up the car and go away for a while, so the crowd gets disperse. (snake was hidden and as long as people go away, it won’t come out of its hide out).Even the petrol bunk guy also suggested the same, and because of my dude nuisance, bunk was crowded and other vehicles were having trouble to get inside the bunk. It was such a chaos. No wonder I say my life is full of dramas. Just to ease up the situation I locked up my car and left the scene for a while. I hailed a rickshaw and went to the UniverCell Sync experience. I was back again in the petrol bunk after an hour. Again called up the snake catcher, he told me to move my car from there as it would be difficult to search for snake in public place. Hearing his suggestion my heart came to my mouth. I had no option other than moving my car from there. I checked under my driving seat and all possible visible corners, I didn’t see the dude in sight and decided to drive back near home. I almost remembered all the god names that I’ve conveniently forgotten n recent days while my drive back. My 10min drive back with a reptile in tow was fearsome and tiresome
Reached near my home safely, I had an imagination that he will slither slowly towards driving seat and coil up around my feet; luckily my imagination didn’t become reality. Snake catcher also arrived. Again the chaos started as neighbors heard the story. Snake catcher searched for the dude for almost 2hrs but he was nowhere to be seen. We couldn’t catch him, no one has seen the snake coming out, and so the assumption is dude is still in the car, hiding somewhere. For the first time I hated having such a huge car. According to snake catcher, there are many hollow spaces in the body of car where the snake can go and hide for days or he must have found a way to the Ac Duct and hidden there.
I am still not sure if snake has left my car or still residing inside. I am feeling like as if I am living in a zoo. At home dogs and in car, snake for a company.
My Theories behind, how the dude found his way to the car.
1-I park my car in the apartment basement, chances of snake making its way to the basement and getting inside the car is very less, but still can’t rule out the possibility. Even if my theory is true, why did he choose my car? Did he smell that I am a single woman living in the vicinity? Why he couldn’t get into one of my neighbor's car whom I hate the most? (It makes me laugh Imagining the dude in my neighbor’s car and that fellow running out with his bouncing tummy with a cartoonish horror look on his face) On a serious note-God, forgive me for imagining such things, I don’t want Karma bites…
2- I had been to my farm 2months ago and stayed there for 3 days. So my theory is dude must have found his way to my car while I was farm. He must have heard my metro life stories and must have felt that he deserves to be in a big city not in a small village. He must have hitched a ride in my car without my permission to Bangalore and later must have felt my car is like a palace for him and made his permanent residence.
If this assumption is true, that means I am chauffeuring this dude for almost 2 months. He would have had ball of a time while cruising around with a girl as his personal chauffeur. (I saw a movie, where a snake falls in love with a girl and story goes on…what if this snake also has fallen in love with me??)
3- My ex loves old bollywood movies, I have a feeling he got influenced by one of the movie where villain uses snake to kill someone as it’s a fool proof method. Am I being stalked by my ex? Did he send the reptile to kill me?

Its bizarre and I am still not sure to go by which theory and also not sure if the dude is still lazing around in my car or he found his way out. Tell you all, my life is incomplete without a drama. No wonder my friend calls me drama queen.

PS-I am not sure if its he or she reptile and I conveniently assumed as He 


  1. Lol, such a nice way to illustrate this story. I guess he must have came out of your car. But you can call some NGO who do snack catching sort of things, and I am really surprised how the snack-catcher whom you called suggested you to drive away the car with him still inside....

    1. I really hope he has found his way out !!!

  2. why does all silly things happens with you only

    1. Exactly...silly things like snake in the car happens only in my life :-?