Sunday, 17 August 2014

Have you ever gave a thought of beautifying your lips?ya ya…I know, you apply different shades of lip colors to make your lips beautiful, but have you ever thought of taking care of your lips which is underneath your lipstick shade?
It’s time for some lip care tips. Remember lips define your facial expressions, if they look healthy-you look healthy .

Scrub your lips
  • You can use sugar as a scrub. Its coarse nature helps you to exfoliate and remove the dead skin of your lips’
  • You can also brush your lips gently by using tooth brush.

Hydrate your Lips
Moisturize and hydrate your lips all the time, If not it leads to dull, flaky lips. 
  • Carry a good lip balm or Chap Stick always in your hand bag. 
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate your lips naturally.

Use Lipstick sparingly
Prolonged usage of lipstick can lead to pigmented lips. Use Lipstick only when it is necessary. 
  • Ensure your lip products expiry date and buy only good brands.
  • Do not forget to remove your lipstick residues using make up remover or oil before going to bed.

Avoid harsh sun rays
Sun rays can damage your lips and may cause pigmentation. If you happen to spend long hours in sun, choose a lip stick with SPF or UV protectors.

Do not suck your lips
Sucking and licking your lips often makes your  lips dry and lips gets cracky.So avoid liking or sucking your lips.


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