Monday, 21 July 2014

A shiny day after row of dull rainy days
Few rainy drops in a sizzling hot summer
Mobile beeps with a silly PJ on a gloomy day,
Mindless chit chat with a friend,
A cup of coffee after a busy day,
Smile from a stranger in a busy street…
Too many likes on Fb profile Pic
All above are enough for instant zest  in life
Zest is a never ending love story 
Zest make you fall in love
But not once…
All over again and again
It’s a never ending love story..
With different circumstances…
just to zest things up!

Zest is a never ending love story in life…the smallest things, silliest to happiest experiences, presence of a loved one, the list goes on and on-Things which give zest to our lives..sometimes just finding an extra badam in kheer is enough to make one zestfully happy or a PJ to lift the pall of gloom.
What is Zest? A happy feeling, a feeling of being satisfied, sudden rush of adrenalin, passion for life or just life itself. It’s a word with different angles, many interpretation but one meaning that is –ZEST
I have many such experiences which have given me zest in my life. Sometimes incidents, people, places etch an impression in your mind and heart that even acid cant unmake it. Such an impression is enough to zest up anyone's life.

You all know my love for driving cars from previous blog posts. A girl's enthusiasm for cars can make many men frown, but the news is I am odd man,sorry 'woman' out. On a gloomy day a phone call from a friend to try out his/her’s new car is enough to lift my mood. An advertisement in the morning newspaper about new car in the market is enough to spike my mood. 
ZEST-Never Ending Love Story
A dream of owning a beautiful car and driving it is enough to zest up my life.Hold on I already have a car;I am speaking about the car one I don’t own.I started driving at very young age and my first car was Tata Indica, aka Indian Ferrari,red colour sports version.Then my 2nd car was Tata Indigo Marina.Then my 3rd car was Tata Safari, now I am settled with my 4th car- Tata Safari Dicor. I am a desi car lover. Driving my beast zests up my life always, the feeling of that humongous horsepower vromming to my controls is just the zest I need to make my day.
Feeling of Power always zest up my life

Girls are always considered as a lousy drivers and letting a girl drive on a long journey is big NO-NO. But in my case it’s different, My father was disabled and my mother doesn’t know how to drive, so the steering came to my hand without any hiccups from my parents. Very soon they realized that I’m good on wheels so I became their permanent driver on long hour journeys.
ZEST-Never Ending Love Story

Being an only daughter to my parents, I always faced society’s classic comment-“Oh, All they got is just daughter”,. Though my parents never had any problem that, I being a female but it bothered me to no end. When I used to watch my dad sleeping peacefully in front seat during a late night drive, that used to make me feel proud that I am no less a son.The feeling that I am being a son to my parents and they are dependent on me just like they would depend on a son was enough to make me feel proud and used to give a zest for my life. Now my dad is no more but I am still a permanent driver to my mum. Long drives with mum always zests up life…
Feeling of raising a bar,always Zest up my life

The 2 hours of my day I look forward everyday is Gym time; I call it as my time. I am a big time fitness freak.2 hours of working out is enough to zest up my life after a bad day. Few years ago, I became over weight in over night.Thats the time I took up gyming hard. After few months I shed few pounds and I actually became more fit than ever. Every time I see my shoulder muscles or calves muscles being toned and shaped,I feel like a winner. It motivates me to push my limits.I started working on 6 packs abs,but my back gave up and went on rest mode as per doc’s advice. Now I got a green signal from my doc and can’t wait to work on 6 packs. 
The feeling of Accomplished something is what brings zest in my life.

I am a proud pet parent of two dogs and 4 strays. I tell you all having dogs at home are no less than having kids at home. Only difference is you don’t need to pack lunch and send them to school. It’s an amazing feeling to watch them grow. Whenever they learn a new command and respond to it, it’s feeling of proud parents whose kids just passed examination in distinction. When I wake up with a bad dream, my babies are always there to give me a look-“don’t worry we are next to you, go back to sleep”. 
ZEST-Never Ending Love Story
When I get back home after a long day, they are always there at the door to greet me and lick my face to the heavens. My stray dogs always there to walk with me to the nearby grocery store, like as if they are saying-“we will not let you walk alone in life”. The best part is my big girl (Labrador) Gauri, has her mother's(That’s me)DNA, she loves long drives. 
ZEST-Never Ending Love Story
Feeling of unconditional Love from my furry family-gives Zest for my life.

The word Goa is enough to spike up the mood. I have travelled a lot and seen good no of beaches.But Goan beaches have always held a special place in my heart. I have driven to Goa many time all alone and with friends as well. Its my hide out. Been there when I wanted to hide myself from everyone and also been there with friends and loved ones.A place which gives me a feeling of content. 
ZEST-Never Ending Love Story

Sitting in an isolated shack and reading a book gives me an unexplained satisfaction. 
ZEST-Never Ending Love Story
When I watch the waves on sea, I feel every problem comes with a force but it has to calm down and go back also-this is the lesson I learnt once when I was there during my hide out from the real world. By the way Books are my best friends. I love reading.

Feeling satisfied always zests up life.

Love yourself


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  1. This looks like a spontaneous flow of words from you.The ease of writing is shown in this post.This comes as a thing which are your telling your friend or the dairy.Anyways there is nothing special in this post which makes it extraordinary but the thing that there are only little things which cheer you up are the best part of it.I guess this is life.

    1. R Miglani....Thanks for your honest comment...Means alot to me :)

  2. Just love it.....ubwont reaslise when u finish reading this post... simple words.. good grt

  3. Hey Knita, absolutely mind blowing poem and life should be lived like you do, unwavering zest for life. Inspirational post full of life and passion:)

    1. Vishal, Glad you enjoyed reading my post. Thanks for appreciating it from your heart :)

  4. Lovely poem! and a great post. Goa is so peaceful. :)

    1. Thanks alot Paya...Indeed Goa is peaceful and one place I love visiting :)