Sunday, 27 July 2014

The colour black and I have a special bonding. I am of darker skin tone whereas my entire entire family including extended ones are on fairer side (except my dad, which explains my complexion). My mother and I look alike, only difference is our extreme complexion like the chess board. So the common joke around the family is, carbon copy is always black. When I was growing up my cousins used to call me with black related nicknames. My granny would always stop me from wearing black, according to her black made me look more dark but my mum would always say-don’t believe your granny’s words and always remember, 'Black is Beautiful'. But I believed my granny for a while and didnt wear black for many years. Though I support anti fair&lovely campaign, I also shamelessly admit that I tried fair & lovely in the hope of a miracle in my complexion. It didn’t take many years to change my assumption about black. Now black is integral part of my life. There was a time, I used to be scared of kohl and never tried on my eyes thinking I will look dark. Now without kohl I don’t step out of the house.
Now I have little black dress, stilettos, Black hand bag, black phone, Black Aviators, and almost everything in black to go on with my day to day life.
So what do I wish in Black then? Read ahead then….
Its a wish list, why to compromise with small things? It’s a wishlist guys so let’s wish BIG. Here is my bucket list of desirable blacks.

# Harley Davidson
I told you all in my earlier posts that I am odd woman out. The biker spirit in me is craving for this black fat boy for ages. Now its high time the fat boy enters my life and satisfies my biker spirit.

#Black Horse
I have a family history with horses. My father was a great horse lover himself. If my father’s spirit is reading this post, either he'll be turning sides in his grave or he will be proud to know his genes are carried by his progeny.(I know,you all want to know the story,but some other time guys)

Yep, I like to own a BLACK stallion straight from the stud farms of Arabia.

#Black Pearl
Yeah yeah guys, I am a great fan of Pirate of Caribbean series and a ardent fan of its hero, Johny Depp. But I am not speaking about the fictional ship of Pirates of Caribbean, The Black pearl. I am speaking about real black pearl the gem. Black pearl is also called as Tahitian pearl and I would love to own one necklace made out of these BLACK pearls.
I am already Imagining wearing this black pearl with my tube dress.

#The Black card
I am speaking about The Black Card by American Express for High Net worth Individuals.  The Black Card is a permanent status symbol. After all  who doesn’t want the Black Card? It’s granted for people who meet certain eligibility criteria and me having the Black Card in my wallet is a ultimate dream come true.( Am I all0wed to wish that my card bills to be  sent to a wrong person every time and the person pays bill without checking it out)

# The Black Louis Vuitton
Black Louis Vuitton has been in my wish list since I was 18. This one wish is close to reality of my life and I have promised myself that I will own one by the time I turn into an old hag.

In fact,  I am already dreaming of flaunting a BLACK Louis Vuitton bag with my LBD. (May be I should add diamonds also. you see, diamonds goes well with Black LBD and L V, Am I allowed to add this as well in my Black wish list?)

End of the day I am just a simple girl you see (do simple girl’s dream of Louis Vuitton, I’m not sure….But I am very simple girl)
I am sure this one wish I can fulfill in this life time, though I am not sure about my whole bucket list.

As I was thinking about my black wish list,I asked my furry girl that whats her view on black. Immediately she gave this pose to support the colour black.

  Love yourself


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