Thursday, 3 July 2014

Its  monsoon!!!
For all those pretty girls who loves to walk in rain.. yes it’s fun but not so much fun for your hair. All are not blessed with good volume, lengthy hair like those 5'odd feet model's in hair products commercials, but it’s in individual’s hand to make it better. Nothing is impossible . All you need is little patience and get your back from couch at least during those TV commercials and follow the tips …

 follow these tips to protect your hair from Rain damage...
  •  Soon after washing your hair, towel dry and let  it to dry naturally, for those who doesn't have much of time in the morning, feel free to use hair drier but after towel drying your hair.
  • Carry an umbrella in your hand bag, may be time for the hand bag with extra room in it. Rain water is not good for hair. Due to pollution, rain water is always acidic and dirty and it damages your hair. Try those nice big scarf's which you bought in summer on your head while going out. Fashion is all in you girl, so don’t worry much about the world as long as you know how to carry yourself.if like being casual, invest on those jerseys with easy, it’s raining so pull your hood on. Your hair is protected
  • If u get wet in rain, soon after u get home don’t forget to dry your hair. If u doubt then may end up having itchy scalp and end up having fungal and bacterial infections-aha-ha then dandruff. .you like those tiny winy white bits on your shoulder of your black dress? You like putting your hands in scalp in one of your hot shot date ? Then don’t forget to take care of you
  • Go back to grandma's old school; oil your hair at least once week. Try soaking it overnight, if not at least an hour is good enough. Oil gives natural conditioning to your hair, protects from breakage. Regular use smoothens your hair, nourishes from outside weather, can speak about lots of benefits for now let me stop about this gives a little massage as well, You can do multitasking, like watching TV or reading something, let your fingers play on your scalp, that gives good blood circulation to your head as well as relaxes you and strengthen hair root. If you have your partner next to u ask him play with your scalp for a while, I promise you a hot time follows with your partner later.. J
  • Most important tip-EAT HEALTHY. What you eat reflects on your skin, nails and hair. Outer nourishment is not enough for your hair, you need to nourish it from inside as watch what you eat. Eat lots of protein, fruits those green veggies, sprouts and cereals. I know it’s not easy to follow for those who are working and studying. Where there is a will there is a way...may be when you are in a  restaurant next time try adding some green salad to your food, add one fresh juice, that makes lots of difference in your diet intake.

Other small tips,
1-Wash your hair at least twice a week
2- Try some home made hair pack (follow me for some yum hair packs)
3-Comb your hair at least twice a day
4-Avoid styling your hair in monsoon
5-Avoid those sticky hair spray in monsoon
6-Don't tie your hair when your hair is wet
7-Use wide toothed comb
8-Use a good SHAMPOO and conditioner. I personally use L’Oreal brand.
9-Take a good night sleep, so called beauty sleep. ..
 10-Last but not least love yourself....

Love yourself


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