Thursday, 3 July 2014

Its monsoon….Don’t let the gloomy weather to numb your fashion sense. Walking in rain is fun sometimes but messy business to deal with clothes later. We try to avoid stepping out during monsoon or we consciously wear old clothes as we don’t want to ruin our expensive wearables.
Go through the fashion checklist for monsoon and Enjoy the rainy day like a true fashionista.

  • Go for water proof hand bags or jelly hand bags and keep your leather hand bags in safe till the rainy days gets over. Water can and will destroy the suppleness of leather.Click below to check out some cute Jelly hand bags                                     
  • Umbrella-do not forget to keep in your hand bag. Buy portable umbrellas which fits in your hand bag easily. Go for bright colors and bright prints. Rainy season is no more season for dull colours.Bright and trendy colors are always vogueMy faourite is Esprit compact Umbrella which fits in my hand bag very well.
Click on the image to check out Esprit Umbrellas

  • MakeUp-use only water proof make up to avoid rundown of make up if happens to get wet in monsoon weather. Do not forget to wear sunscreen and No sunscreen in rainy season is a myth.
  • keep your leather foot wears in safe for obvious reasons. Opt for jelly shoes, floaters, Flats.If you are not dressing up for office then go for trendy plastic flip flops. Make sure your foot wear is slip resistant and has a good grip on floor, as the weather makes floor and roads more slippery. Avoid heels unless you are going for an indoor evening event. If a heel demands your attire and event-Nude is your color.
  • Accessories-Go for a bright beaded jeweleries.Use scarves and bandanas to chick up your look. Wear water proof watch.