Sunday, 27 July 2014

I was at my mother’s place over a week end. On a Saturday morning after a good breakfast and good chit-chat with mum, time started moving slowly and wanted to do something to kill time. Only solution for the boredom –that’s my laptop. A friend of mine once suggested me to watch a move called –The Perfume and even downloaded that movie on my laptop long ago but somehow I didn’t get around watching it. So, decided to watch movie.
The protagonist of the movie is an olfactory genius. He uses his super human of sense to produce new perfumes. Once a girl’s scent intrigues his senses and he follows the girl in an intention of sniffing her, so he can reproduce her body scent as a perfume. Unfortunately girl takes his approach in a wrong sense and the protagonist ends up by killing her unintentionally. He tries to sniff her dead body but the scent fades away. After this incident he always had been haunted by this girl’s aroma and his desire to recreate the scent.  This one unsatisfied quest makes him walk on a path of learning techniques to preserve scents and in this journey he become a murderer and the story goes on.
After I finished watching the movie my reaction was what a stupid movie, how can one get obsessed with particular scent? And how can one go on killing spree just to recreate a scent? My world of thoughts was interrupted by my mother’s voice-“shall we drive down to the farm, if you have got nothing to do? Weather seems to be nice” I jumped on the idea and said yes. It’s an hour drive to our farm from the city where my mother lives.
On our drive, just for the heck of chit chatting I told my mother about this movie-The perfume. I asked can anyone get obsessed to an insane extent.
She didn’t answer me immediately, she saw a boy selling jasmine flowers on road side and she asked me to stop the car to pick up the flowers. My mother’s favorite routine is dressing up nicely made hair bun with strands of jasmine flower.
Then she answered my question-“you remember after your dad’s death, how people around me detested that I’ve not given up wearing jasmines strands on my bun and why do you think after all the mean words from people, I still  haven't given up ”?
I said-“Yeah, I remember that and  it’s because you don’t believe in blind believes passed on from ages without logic and according to me, you are revolutionary woman.”
My mother smiled and started speaking-“yes I don’t believe in illogical traditions. I have been following the routine of dressing my bun with strands of jasmine since I was a teenager, your father always loved to see me this way. More than all that, I unknowingly fell into an obsession with the fragrance. My obsession with the jasmine scent gave me the strength to stand up for what is right”
I was spellbound with this revelation and I wasn’t sure what my mother said made any sense to me. Just laughed myself that my mother’s revelation is also as stupid as the movie.
Rest of the drive went silently and my car was filled with the fragrance of fresh jasmine. Yeah I liked the fragrance but I wasnt convinced with an idea of anyone being obsessed for particular scent? Though I didnt wanted to think, my thoughts were revolving around my mother’s words and the movie.
Sorry for the bad quality pic.Its taken in my farm
via Mobile camera.
We reached the farm and my mother went around doing her supervising on the work going on there. I stood there alone admiring the Mother Nature. Mother Nature always has this effect on me; she opens up all my senses in a jiffy. Before our arrival, it rained there mildly and I could see the rain droplets on a leaf which was falling down due to the breeze.  Then my nose picked up the musky smell of the soil. A first rain of monsoon left the mother earth fresh and with a powerfully evocative scent. This mysterious smell caught hold of my olfactory sense and I was so engrossed in the smell, I didn’t realize how long I stood in one place. I completely forgotten all the pressures I’ve to face once I get back to my abode after a weekend. The musky scent from a mother nature gave me the feeling of liberation.Soon,my mother called out that she is done with her supervising and ready to get back.
That was a moment I felt and asked myself-Is there is a way to capture this scent and take it along with me? Use it as my stress buster in my metro life? Soon after questioning myself I realized what’s the movie was all about and what my mother revelation meant. I told myself I should visit my farm once again next year before the cloud bestows its first rain and I should make it a point to be there just for that musky scent. I realized the power of a fragrance that moment. My mother came towards me; I just hugged her and said-“I Love You”. I was silent entire my drive back to town, I was relishing every moment, I was trying to feel the scent once again. Though the scent has faded away from my olfactory sense, I still could imagine it and I was craving for it, maybe this is what is obsession is?
This is my evocative travel experience. Every time I think of it,it gives me a sudden rush of excitement and kind of contentment which cant be expressed in words.

I really wish Godrej Aer comes up with this musky fragrance. I would certainly liberate myself every day, by bursting all my stress using the fragrance.

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