Saturday, 5 July 2014

Bidadi Tatte Idli-It’s an Idli prepared using plates and it famous in a place called Bidadi located between Bangalore-Mysore Highway.
Thought of tatte idli is enough for me to plan a trip to Mysore.
Hot-hot, Steamy-steamy Tatte idlies,
Thought is enough to make my mind go ooglies,
Served with crunchy munchy vadas,
Red chutney to go with idly and vada,
Top of the idli sits a generous wad of butter,
Diet's the word,consciously forgets even to utter,
Utterly butterly idlies'
Crunchy Munchy vadas'
Enough to tickle my sensory nerves,
Enough to satisfy my taste buds.....

Few days ago happen to go on drive with my USA return friend on Bangalore Mysore highway. I suggested her to try out Bidadi Tatte idli. Tatte idlies are sold in small restaurants situated along the highway. Can’t expect the star treatment but who wants star treatment when those hot steamy idlies are ready to delight our taste buds? But my alien friend turned down the idea by calling the place a bit tacky. My taste buds sunk right inside my tongue with the news and we returned without a bite of those steamy hotty idli.

Then came the bye bye day as my alien friend was leaving for her alien world in USA. She got too busy in her last minute shopping and squeezed time for a breakfast at my place the day she was leaving.

Fine, Breakfast it is and I want her to remember this breakfast as a special moment of her trip to India. A famous man once said that the way to person's heart is through food and my way to my friend's heart would be the tasty cruncy munchy Bididi Tatte Idli and Vada. I got up early made a trip to Bididi (its 40min drive from my place), picked up idli and vada, drove back home an hour before her arrival. Now how do I make her drool over these Idlies? I know they are tasty but it’s obvious she doesn’t have a taste for them.

Like always answer is presentation is the key. To kill the cat first create the curiosity and that’s what I did. Took out my Borosil microwavable glass wares. Arranged my Idlies In one bowl and vadas in another bowl.

These idlies are not round, small and fluffy. These are actually a medium flat plate size and they are round like a big round and flat on both up and down surface. two is too much to stuff the tummy. Don’t have words to describe how it looked inside Borosil glassware. Through the glass ware, it looked like a white round marbles placed neatly one above another. I garnished the top one with coriander leaves just to make it look curious.Brown,crispy Vada in another bowl, reflected like a golden jewels through the glass of Borosil. My beautiful food looked tantalizingly appetizing.

Friend arrived; I started setting up breakfast table. Quickly heated my delicacies from Bidadi which are sitting in Borosil by pushing to Microwave. Squeezed fresh oranges and poured into borosil‘s vision Range glass. Vision glass made my orange juice look divinely.

The way her eyes were moving on breakfast table…it was clear, her eyes were literally drooling. My food looked Beautiful.It was all singing-
We are from small town road side stall,
But we are utterly butterly delicious…
Try me lady you won’t forget this moment,
Promise to delight your sensory nerves,
Your taste buds gonna savvier this moment for ever…
My double maska chaska butterly Idlies and vada served. When she took the 3 rd piece of Idli, I was sure that curiosity certainly killed the cat. Ended the breakfast with south Indian Filter coffee served in Borosil’s classic Mug.
My breakfast’s a grand success. Her reaction- It was delicious Ambrosia.....
After she reached USA, she started haunting me in all possible means to ask for the tatte idly recipe. But how do I say that I tricked her to eat the small town restaurant idly which is according to her Tacky??

Finally gave up told my actual breakfast story thinking it would be the last day I will be speaking to my friend. After listening she burst out laughing and we became BFF’s


  1. Haha gud1 ...shud try these idlis one day..

  2. ha ha This is good.:) !!
    Liked the way you have used the words "We are from small town road side stall
    But we are utterly butterly delicious…
    Try me lady you won’t forget this moment
    Promise to delight your sensory nerves
    Your taste buds gonna savvier this moment for ever…"

    nice selection of words !