Friday, 4 July 2014

CAR! There was this time in India, not so long ago, that a person who owned a car, he was considered as a super rich. Actually, owning a car was kind of a status symbol then. But that was then and this is now!  Now the situation has quite drastically changed, cars have become a luxury which can be enjoyed by majority of class of people. Though the cars are still status symbol, everyone can afford a car according to their ability and requirement. What’s with this car loans and affordable EMIs… all this has made a dream come true for a common man.
Lets me speak about myself a bit…I own a car and I call my car white elephant. Yeah thats right! It is coz its Tata Safari and I’ve been driving since I was 18 and this is my second car in the Safari range. I can say I am kind of obsessed with this car. Few years ago, a girl driving a Tata Safari used to be a sureshot head turner and thats what made me obsessed with SUV. However now its a different story all together.  This car kind of gave me sense of an identity. I just don’t drive the car; actually I can speak car language very well. In my driving expedition, I also learnt little bit car quick fix techniques and I usually make my garage ka mechanic Babu, give me one of those pain in wrong side look whenever I start saying what exactly needs to be fixed. Over the year he has accepted me and softened towards me.
Why am I giving build up about me? (That’s because it’s very rare I get chance to do this in virtual world.)
That’s because, I am reviewing a car related website called Usually woman and car is not a good combination for many people and a review from a girl would be a good laugh for many, so-the buildup.
Here is how I feel about And Let me all give you a virtual tour about the website in my own way., as the name suggests, is a car related website.  
Tata Safari and Cars, a girls honest review on

But more than just a nuts and bolts website, it incorporates the essence of social media,helps your friends and loved ones to connect all the car lovers in one huge car world. You want to make car headed friends? You can head over to  However it is not limited to making car related friends and social connections. There are lot many other things to venture out in this website. Need latest update on cars? Check it out and you will be surprised to see all car updates in one platform, categorised and sorted neatly. Not only that, if you are person who loves writing car related stuff, this this place for your. gives you a chance to showcase your hidden talent here. You can write latest news which you happen to bump in and be the first person to update in the website.

What I liked the most is,easy navigation of the website.

Girl who drives Tata Safari and Her Honest

You think you are good at wheels and had a great driving experience recently? Are you shy to tell your friends as it may make you look like a fool? Or you don’t have car headed friends who understand your car sentiments? Do not worry, log-in to and write your heart out. There are plenty of ears I mean eyes to read your experience and be a part of your excitement virtually.
You want to make the world know you bought a new car and you are proud owner. Then what are you waiting for? Remember the website, it’s called as carconnect. Visit it now and write about your new or old car experience and let the world know how you feel about it. Also your review may help someone to decide the car they intend to buy.

But remember no spamming…how ever, Back end team of this website reviews your writing and does the verification of authenticity of the news before making it live on website. Don’t do hanky-panky and get kicked out.
You always thrived to become famous? No success? Try your luck in You asking me how website can make you famous? Here is the answer, write your long drive experiences, reviews of the car you own or had a chance to drive. Everytime you share your thoughts you are just one step away from gaining the medals (there are bronze, silver, gold, Diamond, platinum medals) more you write more the merrier and more the medals. Once you have gained all and make it to the top, you will see your name on home page.
There are 3 categories to become famous
1-Top Badge Owner
2-Most Popular Car Experience
3-Most Popular Long drive Experience.

Tata Safari and Cars, a girls honest review on

What are you waiting for? Go login and become Famous!!!!
Let me conclude my post here with last touch.
My views about this website….
My rating 5/5
What I predict about this website-Its going to be a car encyclopedia (or should I say Car-0-Pedia) in future.  Soon it will become a bible for all cars enthusiasts.

Girl who drives Tata Safari and Her Honest
Girl who drives Tata Safari and Her Honest


After I joined,  I read few long drive experiences and got inspired which made me take a long drive with my furry family. Here are pics hope you all enjoy


  1. Lovely post Knitha! Your pets are cute :) All the best!

    1. Thanks Bushra...Kiss,Kiss from My furry babies