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TRESemmé split remedy Shampoo and Conditioner Review-MY TRESS STORY WITH TRESemme
(2 Months Ago)

As I walk on the floor
My hair starts dancing & bouncing Up and down
Coping with the rhythm of the music
That playing in background
Caught myself off guard in front of mirror
My hair smiled at me seductively
'I' love my hair
Long, pleated and jet black
Enough to make other’s heart skip a beat
My hair is my Pride,
    My hair is my pride….
Was I day dreaming?? Yeah actually I was. I recently had a hair cut done and I’m still not able to accept that I don’t have long hair any more. Let me take you all to my flash back and tell you my hair sob story.  (Story 6months ago)
Once upon a time I had a long jet black hair.  Long mane long enough to say it was long. I simply loved my hair the way it fell over my shoulder; it was one of my best beauty features. I played with my hair in snyc and matching my moods. Somedays I would leave it’s simply straight, the other days, it would be curly and sometimes I even tried those celebrities and Oscar hair styles.  At best I left it simple side pleated.

                            TRESemmé split remedy Shampoo and Conditioner Review-MY TRESS STORY WITH TRESemme       
I got busy with my work and got busier to the extent that I didn’t have time for any other hair style other than classic pony tail and not to mention I didnt pay any attention to pamper my hair. One day I got an invitation for a big party and I desperately wanted to go for this party. I looked at my image in the mirror and my hair was all screaming…it needed an immediate care....  It screamed at me how could I have been so careless about my hair? My pride? 
Immediately picked my purse and ran towards the saloon for a hair spa,I ran like as if I was running for a marathon. The receptionist in the saloon said I need to wait for atleast an hour for my turn as I turned up without an appointment. I went to a nearby coffee shop to kill the time. As I started sipping my coffee sitting in coffee shop, my eyes fell on boutique just opposite to the coffee shop. A mannequin in the display was looking right into my eyes, actually she was speaking to me…can you believe that? (Really, something should be done for this) She was calling me, telling me how gorgeous I would look in the party with that dress (how did she even know I’m going for a party).finally she offered me, atleast try this dress. I fell for this trap, Whats wrong in trying a dress?
I couldn’t resist myself from picking up that dress but my shopaholic sister who lives right inside me was in her one of those moods and made me buy a pair for foot ware and a hand bag to go with my dress. Bill was a bomb and it was over my monthly budget and I didn’t have option other than going home without a hair spa treatment. I convinced my hair that I will do something and I will not disappoint her in the party. But my convincing trick didn’t seem to work out.
I actually looked gorgeous in my white dress and to complete the look all I wanted to do was let my hair down and I did and looked myself in the mirror. My hair this time wasn’t screaming, actually it was crying or sobbing, a perfect word for it.  My hair looked very dull and I just noticed a split end, those split ends were almost ready to swallow me in between there splits. It was a horror and I was shocked,now I realised the severity of my hair's health but I didn’t have option other than tying up the customary pony to get on with the evening.
TRESemmé split remedy Shampoo and Conditioner Review-MY TRESS STORY WITH TRESemme

Yeah party was great, my dress was also great but I wasn’t great because I was paying for ignoring my hair. My customary pony because of dull ,split end  hair was a great let down of my look.

TRESemmé split remedy Shampoo and Conditioner Review-MY TRESS STORY WITH TRESemme
Decided that from coming month soon after I get my salary I will take a professional hair therapist’s advice and will follow the course religiously to put an end for all the split ends. I did as I had promised and got an appointment with the hair therapist for 2.5k for a sitting. But I could only follow my therapy for only one sitting; you see- I forgot to promise myself that I will not go out on shopping spree. Once again my shopping won over my hair therapy. My hair was back to its DULL self and one morning, I actually counted my hair strands, almost every hair has a split ends (yeah actually counted hundred and rest all ditto…u see). My hair actually looked like a dish washing scrub…yeah that bad, can you believe it? And another party is round the corner and I have to find permanent solution for my split ends. Decided to chop of my hair a bit. That bit of chopping actually became lot of chopping and ended up with less than shoulder length hair. Party came, Party went, even my hair grew and again my split ends also appeared over night like a sprouts from overnight soaked lentils. Once again I had to chop my hair. Hair growing and hair chopping(HG-HC) became a vicious cycle and I was trapped in it like no way out. I even got a free hair cut from my regular saloon when I went for my 5th hair cut in 6months.
Yeah now I have a less than shoulder length hair with broken ends which will never ever bond again.
Stressed out Tress,
Broken ends with broken bonds,
Caught up in vicious cycle,
'I' the stressed out damsel,
With no solution.
O God, can you bond my broken bonds?..
(Back to 2 months ago)
I accepted the fate of my hair; I concluded I don’t have a way out from my hair growing and hair chopping vicious cycle[Hg-Hc]. Then one day I received a courier -A nice satin black bag and inside the bag was TRESemmé split remedy Shampoo and Conditioner samples for review courtesy to Tresseme and Indiblogger.Though I believed that there is not any split remedy other than letting my hair to go through the scissors every now and then, but still decided to give a shot.
TRESemmé split remedy Shampoo and Conditioner Review-MY TRESS STORY WITH TRESemme

After 2 months (present)
TRESemmé split remedy just came at right time to rescue my hair. It was worth a shot and It got me out of the vicious cycle of my HG-HC.soon after 3 washes, product gave me a hope that I will gain my pride back and I could see the results soon after using for few more days. I had to rush to the nearby super market to buy new bottles as I finished off my sample bottles in few days. After two months of using, my split ends are reduced for almost 95%.My hair is no duller anymore. I don’t see her crying or screaming whenever I look at her in mirrior.Actually now she smiles at me!!!.
My views on TRESemmé split remedy Shampoo and Conditioner
Creamy white color liquid inside the shampoo bottle is actually appealing. It gives that ‘try me’, ‘Try me’ kinda effect when you look at the liquid. Conditioner has right consistency, not too heavy and easy to apply on wet hair. Shampoo and Conditioner both has almost same fragrance and hair smells good after the wash. After my first wash, I recognized that my hair was soft which I didn’t feel for ages. After drying my hair, my hair was actually manageable without any frizz. The tag line of TRESemmé- Salon like Hair at Home, This product actually gives that feel. I used it regularly and I actually witnessed my split ends getting smoother day by day and after few days there was a remarkable change in my hair strand. Bottles are easy to carry while travelling. Affordable Price, easily available. [Price – shampoo-Rs 80 for 90ML Conditioner-Rs 80 for 90ML]

Main Ingredients of the products are Amino Vitamins. Less amount of shampoo is sufficient to wash hair so product actually lasts long.
TRESemmé split remedy Shampoo and Conditioner Review-MY TRESS STORY WITH TRESemme
Now Like a professional Hair Therapist I am giving gyan to whom ever ready to listen that do not trim your hair to get rid of split ends, Use TRESemmé split remedy Shampoo and Conditioner regularly.
TRESemmé to my tresses,
Bonded my broken bonds,
Saved my saloon trips,
Ends of my strands,
Only tells happy tales,
I’m no more stressed out damsel.
O god-thanks for “Scissor Free Solution to split Ends”.

After 2 months of regular usage of TRESemmé split remedy shampoo and conditioner, my spilt ends have finally seen ends. I even counted my hair strands and hardly noticed any split ends. Finally found a “Scissor Free Solution to split Ends”

Love yourself