Friday, 20 June 2014

My northie friends are coming home for dinner
they think sambar is just a yellow tasteless liquid
I’m determined to make them change their minds
Ready to show the magic of my South-Indian hand.
Here I go with cooking sambar
And tell you its just right hand game for me
Chop, chop, carrot, chop,chop
Chop, chop, beans, chop, chop
Chop, chop, tomatoes , chop. chop
Daal in cooker ready to pressure cook *(add salt)*
1, 2, 3, 4, whistles, daal is cooked.*(leave it till pressure goes down before opening the cooker lid)*
Added chopped veggies and pressure cook for one more whistle.
Added my mother’s home made sambar powder, tamrind juice,pinch of turmeric ,
let it simmer in low flame.
Added garlic,Red chilles, curry leaves, jeera, mustard seeds and asfoetida for tadka
Watched the tadka getting fused with daal and veggies,
delicious aroma filled in my entire kitchen
Now the only doubt in mind is, will  my northie friends like my sambar??
Presentation is the key to increase the appetite of my guests
Presentation is the key to trigger the curiosity in trying my sambar
Raided my kitchen unit
To the beauty of my sambar, added the makeup of Borosil,
Just like a lipstick enhances my beauty,
The simmering hot hot sambar,
reflected through the beautiful Borosil glass bowl,
just like a blue sea against the sandy desert,
Smile crossed my face because I know I’m the winner of the day,
My northie friends arrived, the sambar dinner served..
I can see their eyes drooling over yellow liquid
After a while all I heard is Slurp!! Slurp!! Slurp!!
My sambar became soup of the night :)

This post is for contest held by borosil  in association with  indiblogger 


  1. Haha hope the readers of u blog get to taste ur e-sambar :)

  2. Best of luck for the contest