Saturday, 21 June 2014

Author-Ismita Tandon
Published by-  HarperCollins Publishers India on May 2014
Paperback- 242 pages
‘The fat constable on duty brought to my attention a sketch. Every tiny detail of the murder scene was on paper: the wilted orchids placed across her midriff, the knife balanced precariously on the low table and her dreamy eyes…’ 
You won’t live a boring life if you’re named after a whisky (more or less).
Meet Johnny Will, named thus by an alcoholic father who died under mysterious circumstances. Johnny is the founder of Thy Will – a de-addiction centre for the rich and the famous that uses very questionable methods – and the fiancé of Mira Kermani, daughter of the richest man in town.
The beautiful young Mira dies of an overdose of morphine. Officer Ray is convinced that Johnny is the killer. Johnny’s assistant Sera, who secretly loves him, and his half-brother Zac are working hard to protect him from the officer. Or are they? Could Aunt Adele’s hunger for what was rightfully her son’s inheritance have driven her to murder? Or is the murderer an unhappy patient? 

From the author of the disturbing and controversial Jacob Hills, an unputdownable story of crime and passion in the hill-station town of Monele.

LOVE KILLS By Ismita Tendon-Book review
My Review
I got this book from Indibloger for review under getpublished program by HarperCollins India and I finished reading this in one go that’s because book didn’t let me keep it down and kept me engaged to it till end. In other words its a unputdownable murder mystry, plotted very well by the author Ismita Tendon from lesser known poet. As always I am skeptical about Indian authors, especially their command on writing usually puts me off but I have to mention here that Ismita Tendon has done a great job with her commendable writing. She has even added some of her poetry lines in the book very wisely.
Character in the book deals with many shades of grey, makes you keep guessing who is the killer till the end.  Through the book,my mind played guessing game of finding the main villian in the book and every time I was proved wrong. I don’t want to reveal too much about the plot and kill the curiosity of the book reader.
Author’s style of narration has caught my attention and I would surely love to read her other works.
My favorite lines from this book
“A heart that loves knows not sin; it only beats for other”
“I learnt what love is not. Love isn’t lust that coils below the stomach, it isn’t ‘me first’, it isn’t forced. Love is never scared; love is not pretence, never pretence. It’s pure like the tears that still roll down my eyes when I think of him. It’s chaste like the prayer that I sometimes offer God”.
It’s a GOOD READ and I SUGGEST this book to all
I give 4/5 for this book.
I can see an Indian Agatha Christie in Ismita Tendon.
Love yourself
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