Thursday, 12 June 2014

What you wear to the gym directly effects on your workout. Choosing your gym wearable wisely helps you to stay motivated and achieve your desired goal. Some choice of yours, not only affects your workout, it also affects you skin. Here are few tips to help you to be a perfect gym girl.
5 Things You Should Never Wear to The Gym

1-Say No-No to Cottons

Yeah, I know cotton cloths are very comfortable but it’s not good for your gym workouts. Cottons are quick in absorbing your sweat but slow in drying. Damp cotton cloths can cause skin irritation also you may experience chills. If you wear the same cloth again without washing, you may end up having fungal infection on skin.
Go for advanced quick drying synthetic fabrics that hold moisture away, for eg-drifit.These kind of clothing usually light weight and designed with optimal evaporation that avoids your sweat to stick on your skin.
2-Say NO-NO to Regular Bra
Many women just ignore sports Bra and opt for regular ones. Sports Bra is not for style statement, it’s for your own good. Sports Bra provides support to your breasts by protecting ligaments and tissues around chest area from getting injured which can cause during workout.
Choose your sports Bra wisely by keeping your intensity of workout in mind. There are many advanced sports Bra is available in Market depending on your type of workout. Make sure to replace your bra in regular intervals.
3-Say NO-NO to makeup
We girls love makeup but stay away from it while going to the Gym. It’s inappropriate to wear make up to the gym and also your makeup starts running down soon after few minutes if working out. Also makeup can block your skin pores and later it may lead to skin irritation.
Do not wear body lotions. No one likes dry skin but body lotions tend to run out from your skin as you start sweating which gets into the machines or weights you are using. This will make it slippery for you to handle it and also for others if it’s not wiped after use.
4. Say NO-NO to jewelry
Jewelry that hangs and swings around can get into your way of your workout and can cause nasty accidents. If you go to the gym on a serious note of working-out then leave your jewelry behind.
5. Say NO-NO for Baggy clothing and tight fitting
Baggy clothing is very comfortable but it can get into your workout way like getting stuck to the machine you are working out. Baggy clothing also hides your body posture .It leads to misguide your right posture and body alignment during workout.
Too tight attire makes your body movements limited while workingout.Your workout tops should have an enough free space around shoulder, armpit and chest area for easy lifting and flexing.

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  1. Makes a ton of sense. Would love a blog post about sports bras that support but don't flatten. Any pointers.