Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Is there is anyone without a white T-shirt/Top in their closet? Answer is probably NO from all. White is a wardrobe essential. White t-shirt/top is versatile which can go on with anything and everything, be it a gym wear, a beach wear or just anything. Sometimes white are overlooked and may not be able to decide how to wear it. Here I am just trying to help with few notes on white t-shirt.
Just Funk it Up

White can be worn on Jeans, legging and Jegging, skirts and almost anything. Many just opt to wear white t-shirt on traditional blue or black denim. Just come out the blockage and funk it up by wearing on vibrant bottoms. White blends very well with extreme colors.
Look at these celebrity ladies for some inspiration
Wear White Like a Chick-Wardrobe Gyan

Accessories it wisely for Chick Look

If you planning to wear a white on Traditional way or on sober colored bottoms, you should consider accessorizing well for brighter look.
1-Vibrant colored Bag can do a magic to your look.
2-Neck accessories can just brighten up the look.
3-Consider tossing a scarf around, it may just change the attitude of your look
Wear White Like a Chick-Wardrobe Gyan

You can play around with white T-shirt in many ways.Wear white confidently. 

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