Friday, 30 May 2014

Vogue has gone a step ahead by making virtual shopping easier. Do you like a specific dress on Insagram? You start hunting down for that particular dress all over web? Don’t tier your brain cells. All you need to do is, Register yourself in LikeToKnow.It and like an instagram on Vogue’s feed that has LiketoKnow.It link. Once you done it, start liking the pictures you want and get the information about the product to purchase through email. Isn’t it easy? As long as your credit card holds the limit to purchase, all your dream dresses are just click away. ,created by the affiliate sales platform Rewardstyle.Many  fashion bloggers are already using this platform to make money through affiliate program.Vouge is the first print media to get associated with Magazine, approximately sells 300,000 copies every month and has 2billion instagram followers which would help the magazine as well as Rewardstlye  to monetize using Instagram.
According to Reward Style’s president and co-founder, Amber Venz, many other magazines are in the queue and are set to follow the Vogue’s path in coming months.

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